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Description of Duolingo

Duolingo APK is an excellent language learning or education American application for Android smartphone users. It is very popular worldwide. Still, it has 500 million registered unique users. This app was released for Android on 29 May 2013.

Day by day, Duolingo app is growing very fast for its handy features and function for language learners.

The latest Duolingo application offers 103 different available languages courses in 40 languages in this app such as Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, Danish,  English, French, Greek, Hebrew, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Swedish, etc.

In 2019, it included the Story section. The lesson consists of a small story for a particular situation to hone the learners reading and listening skills. Presently, Stories are available to support Japanese, French, German, Spanish courses for English speakers people.

It courses design a concept of Tree.

Trees are consist of skills that focus on a specific aspect of the target languages. It is usually divided into different sections, units, and chunks. Skills are based on vocabulary and grammatical and other skills are linked with idioms, colors, relationships, and countries.

Skills form with six levels 1,2,3,4,5, and legendary.

Duolingo app has a great service for school teachers that is called” Duolingo for school”. It has another aspect grammar-translation method that is applicable for simple words. The interesting matter is that this education app is 100% free to install. You do not need to spend a dollar to install it.

So, there is no tension about the financial issues. Besides, Duolingo occupies low data and small space from your memory. Duolingo application is a safe, secure, and legitimate application for your Android device. You do not find any element that harms your phone.

This is because it updates and upgrades regularly to fix bugs, malware, and viruses. Besides, this online language platform is 100% secure for your Android smart device. If you install it there is no chance to lose your important and confidential data from your Android.

In addition, Duolingo latest version is legal. You do not find any illegal issues associated with the app. There is no record of breaching any law or legal procedures. It followed all international rules, and regulations. So, you do not get alarmed about legality, security, and safety matters.

Key Features of Duolingo

  • Designed for Vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation
  • Including exercises such as written translation, reading & speaking comprehension, and short stories
  • Having free and premium service
  • Create lessons mixing fun, entertainment, education, and information
  • Easy and simple interface helping to operate the app easily
  • Track learners progress
  • Complete lesson give you experience point
  • Lessons are designed lookalike video game
  • Having eye-catchy visual style and effects

In a nutshell, Duolingo APK must be great for language learners and lovers. You find one place many languages. So, you can learn everything easily and quickly. So, without feeling hesitation, you can decide to download, install, and run for your convenience.


54.30 MB

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