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Description of Dhiraagu

Dhiraagu APK is a dazzling application to check the balance and pay the bills. It has a lucrative UI design and so many useful features. With it, experience a faster recharge from the top-up so you can pay service bills effortlessly. Moreover, you will be able to manage your various accounts with ease.

In the latest Dhiraagu application, you can conveniently manage your regular life tasks smoothly such as bill payments, add-on purchases, mobile/ fixed service management, etc. It allows users to save some bugs from the expenses. Plus, receive a live chat service 24/7 for any queries or issues.

You can also adjust your packaging and control your mobile-fixed services as per your preferences.

Furthermore, you will be able to check your bill amount, monitor the network average, and manage plans. Likewise, you can check the account plan without having to log out every single time. Provide all the info on bundle offers and your ability to top up your balance with a credit card.

Dhiraagu app prevents you from consuming your phone battery, so you can use it for so long with ease. 

Features Of Dhiraagu App

It offers its users a wide range of features. It is so responsive and fast that you won’t face any lack while using the app on your regular device. Here you can perform your regular life tasks so smoothly with its features. Let's take a look at its amazing features below.

  • Manage all your accounts with ease.
  • Activate add-ons and boosters.
  • Build your own armilla postpaid.
  • Top up your prepaid.
  • Change your plan.
  • Pay for services.
  • Check your bill amount.
  • Get omni searches.
  • Attractive UI design.
  • Cancel add-ons based on your preference.
  • Change mobile plans and Fibre broadband packages.
  • Detailed bill view.

How To Activate Dhiraagu In Android

With this application, you can pay securely and smoothly so that you don’t have to go to any Centre. That’s why it’s useful and effective. To activate the app on your smart device, follow the method below.

Method 1: Download Dhiraagu APK and install it on your smartphone device.

Method 2: Open the app on your smartphone device once the installation is complete.

Method 3: Now, log in to the app via My Account or OTP code.

Method 4: Afterwards, click on the mobile number that you wish to activate your eSIM.

Method 5: Next, click on the banner to start eSIM activation.

Method 6: Then, once you verify your mobile number, email ID, and OTP code, you will receive a unique QR code. 

Method 7: Done, you have successfully activated the app on your smartphone device.


Dhiraagu APK is the most convenient app for bill payment, add-on purchases, plan changes, and mobile fixed service management. Now you can do all these tasks with a regular smart device with ease. This app is designed in such a way that, without any hassle, you can perform all the tasks effortlessly.

Therefore, download the app to save your time and effort.


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