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Cartoon HD

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Description of Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD APK is the most popular video streaming app that is widely used around the entire world. It offers an amazing graphical user interface which is also easy to use for anyone. In addition, it is a completely ad-free app which means that you won’t be interrupted by any kind of external or promotional advertisements while you are watching any movies or TV shows.

The latest cartoon HD app also allows users to watch their favorite content while they don’t have an internet connection, or they are on the go. Besides, you can request specific movies as per your taste if those aren’t available in it and it will provide those content within a very short time.

Features of Cartoon HD Application

  • The app features a wide collection of unlimited TV shows, movies, and videos from where users can watch their favorite content for 100% free
  • There are two modes including Kids mode and On-screen mode within it. You can either use it to watch by yourself or you can set the Kids mode and let your children watch their favorite content
  • The latest version of the Cartoon HD app features 3D movies and TV series to provide high-quality streaming experiences to the users
  • It allows users to download their favorite movies, and TV shows in HD quality along with watching them
  • It includes five categories including IMDB, Popular, Name, Updates, and Year. You can search and watch movies from these categories. You can also customize the recommendation section according to your preferred categories
  • Moreover, it includes a large number of different genres including Action, Comedy, Documentary, Family, Musical, Romance, Sports, War, Adventure, Biography, Drama, History, Music, Thriller, Short, Mystery, etc
  • This app is compatible with not only the newer versions of Android devices but also with the older versions so that users can enjoy streaming movies in 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p resolutions

How To Use Cartoon HD App

  1. First of all, download Cartoon HD APK by clicking on the download button that is given twice on the app page from this website and then install it on your Android device.
  2. Once the download and installation have been completed, click on the app icon from your device’s home screen to open it.
  3. As you have opened it, you will be taken to the home page where you will get a wide collection of recommended movies by default. You can start watching by clicking on any of these movies.
  4. There is a filter icon at the top right corner of the home page. Click on that icon to filter the movie recommendations as per your preferences.
  5. You can filter the movies by sorting them into different sections including IMDB, Popular, Name, Updates, and Year along with different genres that include Action, Animation, Documentary, Family, Film-Noir, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery, Crime, etc.
  6. There is a search icon left beside the filter icon. To search for anything, click on that icon, and enter the keyword of your preferred content. It will show you all those movies that are related to the keyword.
  7. At the top left corner, you will get a sandwich icon from where you will get other features including Movies, TV Shows, Updates, Collections, Favorites, Downloads, and Settings.
  8. To watch from a huge collection of TV Shows, click on the TV Shows option and watch your favorite TV series.
  9. From the Collections option, you will get movies from different segments including the Top 250 IMDB movies, 3D movies, The Marvel Universe, Disney Pixar Animation Studio Collections, Anime Movies, X-Men, Harry Potter, Mr. Bean, James Bond, and Christmas Movies Collections.
  10. You can add your favorite movies, and TV series to the Favorites option.
  11. From the Downloads option, you can watch your downloaded movies and TV shows.
  12. From the Settings option, you can change the mode from two modes including Kids mode and On-screen mode, request specific movies, share the app with others, and contact the developer team.


Cartoon HD APK is one of the most lightweight, reliable, and fastest Android apps for streaming different videos and TV shows. It is completely free that is available on this site. And you don’t need to worry about your privacy and security at all as it is uploaded here after several bugs and malware tests.

So, you can download it from here and enjoy a seamless streaming experience.

Cartoon HD
Cartoon HD

3.00 MB

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