Camerafi Live

Vault Micro, Inc.

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Description of Camerafi Live

Camerafi Live APK is a terrific app for live streaming on various platforms.

There are various overlays you can use to help jazz up your stream and you can insert graphics too. Here, find numerous options and customizability that not only do the external USB camera features work incredibly well, but you will have full control over the audio levels of your external cameras as well.

With the latest Camerafi Live application, you can upload your overlay and live stream like a pro. It's so simple to operate and easy to set up. All functions work perfectly as they are supposed to. Besides that, you will be able to interact with your viewers while livestreaming on YouTube.

This app will allow you to go live with ease, with camera overlay and reliability.

Additionally, on this Camerafi Live platform, you won’t experience any lagging during live streaming, rather it will assist you in having a next-level experience. Also, stream game anytime, anywhere as per your choice. Provides a lot of flexibility for live recording using a variety of different devices.

Plus, it can record internal sound and voice as well.

All in all, it is an extraordinary streaming app that also can save more storage on your regular device.

Features Of Camerafi Live App

Unlike other video streaming apps, you don’t have to subscribe to its premium version to use all its features. Here you will find everything that you need for a quality live-streaming video. In addition, if you are thinking of starting live streaming, then this app can be your ideal choice without any doubt.

Let’s dive into its fabulous features below.

  • Streaming widgets integration.
  • Enjoy multi-streaming.
  • Broadcast overlay.
  • Get a source switcher.
  • Create your own customized widgets.
  • Enjoy the game live streaming.
  • Get motion effects.
  • Obtain video filters.
  • Save live video.
  • Add images, video, and audio files while live streaming.
  • Interact with viewers by showing live chat.
  • Create multiple shots.
  • Adjust your broadcast like a pro.

How To Save Streaming Video On Camerafi Live

Save your favorite streaming video with ease. To save streaming video, follow the method below.

Method 1: Download Camerafi Live APK and install it on your Android device.

Method 2: After completing the installation process, open the app on your Android device.

Method 3: Tap on the screen recorder option.

Method 4: Next, adjust the recording settings.

Method 5: Afterwards, click on the screen recording on the sidebar.

Method 6: Lastly, download your streaming video.


Camerafi Live APK is a cool video streaming application.

With this application, you can use a lot of premium features for free. All its features work like a charm. The best part of this application is you will be able to add various overlays during live streaming such as images, text, filters, videos, and audio.

Moreover, you can stream a variety of game genres here by utilizing the front camera and integrated microphone.

Camerafi Live
Vault Micro, Inc.

94.19 MB

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