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Description of Byju's

Do you want to go through a personalized learning adventure?

If yes, you can download and install Byju's APK for your education and learning. It is a very wonderful app for Android users that makes learning fun and entertaining. It is one of the largest online learning platforms or programs in India for kids.

This Byju's app is designed and developed to assist students in practicing, learning, and understanding easily. It is so friendly for the Android user that they can install and run it without hassle. Kids can improve the Foundational Math practice like addition, subtraction, fraction, multiplication, division, measurement, patterns, number sense, time & money, spatial reasoning, and so on.

Besides, there is an option to enhance the Language and Reading proficiency such as Vocabulary, Grammar, Comprehension, Part of Speech, Listening, Fluency, Phonetics, Group & Phrasal Verbs, and so on. In addition, recently, Byju's included physics, chemistry, and biology classes for 4-grade to 12-grade and social studies lessons for 8 to 12 standards.

The latest Byju's is a free application for users. there is no hidden cost that you need to pay for installing and running the app. so, you do not have tension about the financial issue. Besides, it is a lightweight app. So, it occupies lower data and small memory space. As a result, it is not a burden for your device.

If you install the app on your device you do not lose the speed and stability of your apps and devices' operation.

Key Functions And Features Of Byju's

  • Learn math and language
  • Reading app for pre-school to standard 3
  • Content and concepts are so simple and easy
  • Learning adventures are guided by Disney and Pixar Characters
  • Kids can discover activities based on their interest
  • Finding engaging educational games
  • Getting fun videos in math, language, and reading
  • National and state standard curriculum
  • Multi-subject education helps to build skills of the kids
  • A child can develop vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Iconic Pixar and Disney characters i.e. Lightning MacQueen, Buzz lightyear, Elsa, etc.
  • Submit personal recommendations based on children’s choice & interest, pace & learning style
  • 2500+ different lesson’s library i.e. video lessons, games and characters, engaging stories
  • Having parent-child participation to learn actively
  • Open 3 kids profiles in one account
  • Getting a real-time overview of the learning journey
  • Prepare for competitive examinations such as IIT, CBSE, ICSE, IAS, JEE, NEET, etc.
  • 1000+ expert teachers are available  
  • One to one mentoring system
  • Finding adaptive exercise

How To Install Byju's App On Your Android Smartphone

It is very simple to download. Let’s see the below steps that are helpful for you to carry out the installation process.

  1. Firstly, you should enable the Unknown Source from the Android smartphone Setting. Follow the next steps – tap on the Setting > then Security > after that tap on to activate the Unknown Source option.
  2. Download Byju's APK from a link shown on the website.
  3. Thirdly, locate the Install button then click on this button to complete the installation.
  4. Finally, you can open and run the platform for your convenience.

In a nutshell, Byju's APK is so handy for kids to learn interactively. Little students do not feel bored if they follow the lessons from this app. So, without a doubt, you can install it for the convenience of your children.


152 MB

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