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Description of Been Love Memory

Been Love Memory APK is a cute romantic app to keep your love memories alive.

With it, you can even make a daily diary and customize everything based on your preferences. Moreover, it will help you to create your sweet moments, so whenever you read back you can go back to your sweet moments to remember.

In the latest Been Love Memory app, you can remember your loved ones' special days and memories efficiently. It will assist in showing you your love days and been together days in the notification bar. Plus, you will be able to use your individual or couple's photos as your smart device's background.

To remember your anniversary or special person's birthday, you will find a reminder option as well. If you can’t remember the first day of your love and birthday date, then this Been Love Memory application can play a crucial role in your love life.

It supports multiple languages such as English, Vietnamese, and Turkish. You can constantly track how many days you have been with your loved ones. Overall, to remember the important date of your love life, it provides so many choices to its users.

Features Of Been Love Memory App

It is a very useful app if you are dating someone or already married. Because it has countless handy features to keep track of or remind you of important dates in your love life. Let’s explore its superlative features below.

  • Get a love memory clock that follows every minute and second.
  • Experience light theme compact and youthful design.
  • Remember beautiful memories such as anniversaries, couple trackers, and love days on widgets.
  • Get a love notification bar.
  • Get the love lock screen on your device.
  • Set a special person or a couple of images as your wallpaper.
  • Display an animated graph to show how long you’ve been together.
  • Custom change text color.
  • Choose an avatar via camera or gallery.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • Select background wallpaper from the camera or gallery.
  • See how many days you have been together.
  • Share on Facebook.

How To Get Daily Reminder On Been Love Memory App

To get daily reminders on your dating life or marriage life, follow the below procedure.

1. To remember how many days you have been with your lover download Been Love Memory APK and install it on your regular phone.

2. After completing the installation process, open the app on your regular phone.

3. Next, choose the days, months, and years when you two have met each other.

4. Afterwards, choose themes to customize the app.

5. Then add widgets to get the daily reminder.

6. Done, it will remind you every day now how long you have been in love.


Been Love Memory APK is a wonderful application to remember beautiful memories of your love life. Here you will find many useful features to keep reminded of your sweet memories. Plus, you can check how many days you have been together in a relationship.

Been Love Memory
Been Love Memory Team

30.01 MB

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