Vicky Bonick

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Description of Apps2SD

Do you want to release space from your Android device?

If yes, you can install the Apps2SD APK on your device. It is an excellent administrative toolkit for Android smartphone users. You can manage effectively and boost the performance of your device. Mainly, it enables your device to increase internal device space to store apps.

You can move all applications from Android internal storage to the SD card. Overall, it works as an app manager for your Android device. Apps2SD app is a lightweight for mobile phone users. it occupies a very lower space from your device memory. So, there is no chance to lose your device speed.

So, you can operate your device smoothly and navigate quickly.

Apps2SD application is safe secure and legal for users. So, users never face any kind of safety-related hassle as it does not contain any elements or components such as malware, viruses, bloatware, threats, and bugs. This is because it updates always to remove these unwanted things.

The interesting matter is that you can install and get free service. You do not invest a single penny from your pocket. So, you do not get concerned about financial or economic issues.

Important Features of Apps2SD

  • Creating 2 partition systems on the external SD card
  • Support multiple languages such as English, German, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Polish, Turkey, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and so many
  • Hidden and hibernate the apps and games. You do not need to delete or uninstall the apps permanently
  • Create a shortcut & widget to access the apps easily
  • Reconnect all library files, Dalvik cache files, odex files on boot, dex files on boot, library files on boot,
  • Rebind all external folders of the android devices
  • Giving a clear error report to solve immediately
  • Move apps to SD card individually or a batches
  • Automatically install the app on SD card
  • Support all root management apps such as MagiskphhSuperSU, SuperSU, Kingroot, Kingoroot, and so on
  • Having auto clear cache service
  • Back up and restore the game
  • Having advance reboot
  • Enable and disable the apps and games when it is required
  • Convert system app to user app and vice versa

In the end, Apps2SD APK is a very useful application for Android users. Your device memory remains lightened as you can move the heavyweight application to the SD card to decrease the burden of huge date occupation. So, you can install and use this app for your better convenience.

Vicky Bonick

14.95 MB

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