ANDRAX Mobile Pentest

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Description of Andrax

Andrax APK is a penetration testing tool designed and developed for Android users. It can run natively on your Android smartphone. This app behaves like a Linux distribution. Generally, it is more effective than a common distribution. It is used to evaluate network security.

It identifies different attacks and discovers vulnerabilities.

You can use this Andrax app to perform a penetration test to detect potential security weaknesses. The app is designed for this purpose. It offers a lot of functions and features so that anyone can acquire in-depth knowledge of the problems that are available present on your network.

Andrax application is comparatively a lightweight app that occupies about 16 MB of memory space on your Android device. If you install the app it does not get burdened on the device you can install it on a low-end device without losing navigational speed.

It is updated and upgraded regularly to remove unwanted and unnecessary elements from the device. It does not contain bugs, malware, or bloatware. So, you find a clean and smooth to use. It is a secure app. If you install it no spyware follows your device to steal preserved data.

So, you do not get worried about the safety and security issues anymore. Moreover, the latest Andrax app is a legitimate tool. If you download and install it you do not need to face any hassle. It follows all international laws, rules, and regulations to set up and market.

It is a 100% free app for Android users. There is no need to use a credit card to pay.

Features of Andrax

  • Having terminal emulation
  • The tool has greatly categorized
  • Developing under the open source system
  • 200+ advanced tools and techniques for penetration tests. You can get help to gather information, scanning, packet crafting, password recovery, and exploit.
  • Finding a dynamic category overlay system

How To Download And Install Andrax

  1. Firstly, activate Unknown Source, to enable it –  move to the Android Setting > then Security option> after that click on Unknown Source to switch on.
  2. Download Andrax APK version from this site.
  3. Thirdly, just click on the install button to finish the process of installation.
  4. Open the app and run it to fulfill your requirements.

Category wise tools list of Andrax,

  • Information gathering: Whois, Blind DNS tools, DNsrecon, Raccoon, DNS-cracker, fire walk
  • Scanning: Namap – network mapper, Masscan, SSlScan, Amap
  • Packet Crafting: Nping, HPing3, Scapy, Hexinject, Ncat, Socat,
  • Network hacking: ARPSpof, Bettercap, MITMProxy, EviotlGINX2,
  • Website hacking: Wappiti3, Recon-NG, PHPSploit, Photon, XSSer, Commix, SQLMapPayloadmask,
  • Password Hacking: Hydra, Ncrack, John The Ripper, CRUNCH
  • Wireless Hacking: VMP Evil AP, Aircrack-NG tools, Reaver, MDK3, cowpatty,
  • Exploitation: Getsploit, Rop-TOOL, Metasploit Framework, OWASP ZSC

Except for the above list, you find a lot of advanced & professional emulator that works very effectively. Andrax app is a very effective and efficient tool for Android users. You do not avoid it. So, without thinking twice, you can select it and download it for your use.

So, download Andrax APK from here and use it for free.

ANDRAX Mobile Pentest

15.89 MB

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