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Alight Motion

Alight Creative, Inc.

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Description of Alight Motion

Alight Motion app is the first professional motion graphic design application for Android users. It is an effective and efficient application that allows you to create, edit, and play amazing videos and animation by using your android phone.

Mainly, Alight Motion application is an editing tool that is useful to create Motion Graphics, videos, visual effects, transitions, animations, and many editing tools. It is so interesting that you can choose your format, shape multimedia, drawing, resolution, frames, text & background colors, different elements, and icons.

It is so popular android application that presently, the number of users stands at above 500 million, and day by day it is increasing rapidly. Alight Motion is safe to download as it does not carry any malware that affects your device’s memory and normal working speed. Besides that, it is a 100% legal app.

It was followed all legal procedures to set up. So, you can use Alight Motion without any hesitation.

Features and Functions of Alight Motion:

  • Working with several layers such as  Video, Audio, and graphic and combing these multiple layers to make final videos 
  •  Insert stickers, emoji, emoticons, and photos
  • Professional quality video composition
  • High rating points achieving app
  • Create your watermark to distinct it from others
  • Having the option to export MP4 videos and GIF animation
  • Save your favorite and necessary elements to re-use and implement in future projects
  • Having border and shadow effects
  • Adding velocity giving a cinematic feel
  • Library of vector shapes, custom vector, and freehand illustrations
  • Having 100+ customizable building block effects to create sophisticated visual effects
  • Keyframe animation for all setting
  • Having grouping and masking
  • Color adjustment and tuning

In a nutshell, Alight Motion app is so simple and useful tool for those who want to edit videos professionally. So, you can capitalize on its best functionality.

Alight Motion
Alight Creative, Inc.

227.1 MB

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