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X-plore File Manager

Lonely Cat Games

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Description of X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager app is an amazing file management tool for Android users. You can configure, manage and explore files and folders of your Android. It also allows you to rename, share, copy, cut, paste, delete, extract, move, and drag any file of your phone to keep up in an organization.

Generally, people find safe and secure file managers for their convenience. In this case, X-plore File Manager application is 100% safe and secure for Android smartphone users. It doesn’t convey any threatening virus that harms your device. Besides, it is a legitimate app. No illegal issues are associated with the app. So, without any doubt, you can install and use the application for your betterment.

There are many popular file managers available in the market among all of them X-plore File Manager is unique for its best functions and features. So, some features and functions are mentioned below for giving you a brief idea about the app.

Necessary Features and Functions of X-plore File Manager:

  • Manage all aspects and settings of your android phone
  • Having dual-pane browser capability that helps to show two folders at once
  • Having option to share file
  • SQLite Database viewer
  • Encrypted secret and confidential  files by password or fingerprint
  • FTP and FTPS servers allowing
  • Allowing to include music player
  • Upgrade the app to get rid of bugs and smoothen the management
  • Built-in viewer for text, PDF, audio, and video
  • Lightweight application that occupies lower storage from your mobile memory

In brief, X-plore File Manager app is a powerful tool to manage your android functions and features in a very organized way. So, you can choose the mobile management app for your better convenience.

X-plore File Manager
Lonely Cat Games

8.86 MB

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