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Description of Wordbit

Do you search for a great language education app?

If yes, choose the Wordbit APK now. It is an online platform to learn the language with fun and entertainment. This app displays English vocabulary on the screen. You can improve English language by increasing new words. It provides you with audio that produces the exact pronunciation.

Wordbit app provides a good number of resources to improve your language proficiency. A lot of people sit for IELTS and TOEFL every day in the world. They need to learn many things to get a good score in these examinations. It gives you numerous things to learn and apply to the test.

It provides vocabularies based on different levels such as elementary, intermediate, and advanced. So, you can choose your words and grammar depending on your levels. Now, language learning is in your hand. It is easy and simple for Android users.

If you install the Wordbit application you can develop your language skill anytime from anywhere in the world. This application is free for language learners. There is no need to pay money from your account. So, you do not need to get worried about the financial transaction.

Focused Features of Wordbit

  • Improve English fluency
  • Words and sentences every day
  • Find thousands of words every month and improve the skill automatically
  • Learn many vocabularies new and old
  • Learning pronunciation and different accents
  • Finding various levels of examinations words worldwide
  • Shows how to use the words in real-time
  • Learn phrases appropriately
  • Getting huge effective antonyms and synonyms
  • Touches different issues such as time, number, animal, plant, food, relationship, and others
  • Getting a lot of grammar rules such as numbers, articles, the transformation of the sentence, modals, conditionals, causative, voice changes, regular & irregular, parts of speech i.e nouns, pronoun, adjectives verbs, adverb, prepositions, conjunction, interjection, degrees (positive, comparative, and superlative forms), and so many
  • Getting useful dialogues to use in the speaking
  • Finding idioms, proverbs
  • Getting quizzes to solve and justify the level of the learning
  • Different levels of vocabulary such as A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
  • The user interface is well-organized. All levels of learners can understand the resources easily
  • Personalized the word classification

In order to lead a life decently and keep up with the competitive world, you must have English knowledge and skill. So, there is no alternative to learning English. This is because most of the written books, research papers, and academic & business materials are written in English.

So, in this situation, the latest version of the Wordbit app keeps a wonderful contribution to help you out. It is a trusted and useful app for avid learners. It is a hugely beneficial app for all ages people. So, you can install it and enjoy its resources.

In short, whenever you unlock your Android phone, you see English words pop up on the screen if you have installed Wordbit APK on Android. So, you do not need to give extra time and effort to learn the language. It is an automatic system for learners.


87.47 MB

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