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Description of Wikipedia

Do you want to search for the greatest source of information app?

If yes, download and install the Wikipedia APK now. It is a digital surprise for information lovers. We hardly find any educated and tech-savvy person in the world who does not know about this platform. Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger introduced it on January 15, 2001.

Presently, it is owned by Wikimedia Foundation. As of 2022, it is considered the 7th most popular site on earth. Knowledge seekers' first choice is Wikipedia app such as academicians, businessmen, researchers, students, doctors, lawyers and so many. Nobody cast a doubt on it.

So, the appeal of this app is increasing day by day.

Wikipedia is the official application. You do not feel doubt to install it. It helps to get the enriched resource of any topic. Now, information is in your hand as it developed its app for Android smartphone users. Currently, this application support 329 distinctive languages all over the globe.

The amazing matter is that all content can be edited by anybody. On the upper side of the platform’s screen, you get an edit option to edit any content or articles. Besides, if you want to add or include any content from anywhere at any time you can do it.

Wikipedia application is extremely simple to serve the purpose of the general users perfectly.

It is a very popular and most visited site worldwide. Still, it has 60 million active downloads. Day by day the users' number is increasing very fast. It is considered a multilingual free online encyclopedia for all ages people to get their essential information.

It is the most read and largest website in the history of the world. This mobile application provides the readers with a world view of many areas of the world. You do not get any topic that this platform does not touch. Everything you get is for your advantage.

Features of Wikipedia

  • Full of information, data, and statistics of any issues associated with the humn being
  • Share and use every data for the convenience
  • Update and upgrade with the new and latest information with the changes over time
  • Excellent data  protection and privacy
  • Read Wikipedia online and offline
  • Read everything in light and dark or black mode
  • Adjust the text size and fonts as you need
  • Choose your language by clicking the language option. So, you get your necessary language content to read
  • Finding huge links and tags within the articles and content to find the relevant other topics
  • Well-organized application to get your content
  • Having an in-built search box to search any issue quickly
  • Open for all, no need to register
  • Developed for volunteers and open collaboration
  • Safe and legal app.
  • Updates regularly to fix the dangerous bugs and threats

In the end, the latest version of the Wikipedia APK is the trusted place for those who love to play with information. So, you do not avoid this online encyclopedia in your lifetime. Now, you can download and install the app without feeling any sort of hesitation.

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Wikimedia Foundation

17.65 MB

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