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Description of WiFiman

Do you want to find unwanted access to WiFi networks?

If yes, you can install WiFiman APK for your convenience. It is one of the most powerful applications all over the world. So, people frequently choose it. Nowadays, suspected people can access your WiFi network without your permission which leads to falling into danger.

So, you need to protect your WiFi from unwanted access.

In this situation, you can follow the WiFiman app. It is an excellent application that helps you to discover the device connected to your network. Today, an initiative is taken to discuss it to represent its features, functions, and, benefits to the point. So, you get a specific idea about the app.

At present, the management of internet networks is a cumbersome job. This is because unwanted access is available now and then. So, you remain in hassle. In this problem, the simple solution is to download and install the latest APK version WiFiman application on your device.

Whenever any suspected or doubtful access to the network and try to steal the information, we can analyze the networks to resolve the issues. The app is very simple. So, any poor tech-savvy person can use and operate it without facing any hassle.

Generally, people fear heavy app as this kind of app burden your device. As a result, your device gets slow. In this case, you are assured that WiFiman is lightweight for your Android device. If you install it there is no chance to lose your device speed.

The interesting point is that if you install the app you need not pay. It is completely a free application for Android smartphone users. The app fixes the bugs and threats that help to improve the stability. This is because it updates and upgrades always to remove all unwanted elements.

So, your device keeps clean and smooth to run.

Features of WiFiman App

  • Monitor the internet health
  • Identify the map signal strength
  • Observe WiFi details
  • Analyze the WiFi and its characteristics in detail. You can list connected networks and truncate the problematic one
  • Identify the problems and resolve them immediately
  • Ads free application
  • Scan network subnets such as Bonjour, SNMP, NetBIOS, etc.
  • Reduce unwanted traffic numbers by blocking
  • Relocate the access point
  • Share insight with the others
  • Connected from a remote position to your UniFi network
  • Download and upload speed test

Examine The Network By Using Wifiman 4 Tabs

  • Speed test – you can identify the real speed of your WiFi connection
  • Status – analyzing the device such as information, channel, WiFi signal, DNS Server, name, manufacturer, etc.
  • Discovery – getting all connected Wifi networks, name, IP address, scanning
  • Wireless – detecting the networks and Bluetooth devices. It also finds the area & location, channels, Gigahertz,

At last, WiFiman APK is one of the best applications to trace unnecessary networks and whatever problems and access networks you can easily manage. So, people like it for better advantages. Now, you can decide to install it without feeling any doubt or hesitation.

Ubiquiti Inc.

182.5 MB

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