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Description of WhatsDog

WhatsDog APK is a very simple and useful spying tool for Android users. It allows you to spy on any phone number to identify when and who connects to WhatsApp. It notifies you instantly when your friends connect with WhatsApp.

Sometimes parents use the WhatsDog app to follow the activities of the kids. Besides, the employer and management of the company use it to see the performance of the staff daily. The amazing matter is that you need not pay a single penny to install and use the app. It is a 100% free app.

So, Android users do not need to feel a bit of doubt. It is a 100% legal, safe, and secure app. You do not get alarmed in these regards. WhatsDog application never violates any legal rules that make hassle for users. It followed all international standards and procedures.

Besides, it is a safe and secure app for the users as it is not linked with any harmful elements such as viruses and malware. So, without a second thought, you can use the latest WhatsDog app to monitor WhatsApp contacts.

Features of WhatsDog

  • Monitoring the connection status of WhatsApp contacts
  • Check WhatsApp addiction level of your contacts that how much time a person spends to chat
  • Detect information and data even if contacts have their setting not show last connection
  • Lightweight application, so lower memory space is occupied from your device
  • Find out every record of the contacts online connection and connection time, such as detect the hours, time duration, days, and statistics
  • To spy on, no need to install the original app
  • A calendar is created to show every record organized way

How To Track Anyone’s Activity by Using WhatsDog

First Step: Download WhatsDog APK from this website.

Second Step: Start the app and select your Gmail Account to fill up.

Third Step: After that, select the mobile number that you want to track. Only, one number is allowed to track at a time. If you want to track another number, you must delete the existing number. After adding a number, it is prepared to track the number.

Fourth Step: Finally, if the contact comes online, you get notification from time to time. If you want to do on and off the notification section, you can do it.

In a nutshell, WhatsDog APK is a very handy tool for android users as it does not harm your device’s speed and stability. So, you can install it to get a detailed online history of WhatsApp contacts.

Second Lemon

20.30 MB

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