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Description of WhatsApp+ JiMODs (JTWhatsApp)

WhatsApp+ JiMODs APK or JTWhatsApp APK is the most popular modified version of the original version. JimTechs has been developed it by adding many extra features to make it attractive for users. So, it is as popular all over the planet as the original one.

This app allows you to connect and communicate with an unlimited number of known and unknown, strangers people and hang out with them to know their cultures and societies. WhatsApp+ JiMODs application allows to open a group and invite people to join.

You can do group chat, make audio and video calls to hang out with similar-minded persons. In this way, you can improve your virtual communication and know each other's culture and society. You can rely on JTWhatsApp app as it does not have malware or viruses to harm your device.

It is 100% safe and secure for android users. Besides, it updates and upgrades regularly to remove bloatware or bugs. So, you find a clean and fresh app to run. JTWhatsApp latest version is customized for only Android. You do not need to pay to install and use the app.

You do not need to spend a single penny from your e-wallet. So, there is no tension about fictional issues. Besides, it is a lightweight application that occupies lower space from your Android smartphone memory. As a result, it is not a burden for your devices.

So, you can navigate and operate smoothly without facing any unwanted hassle.

Key Features of WhatsApp+ JiMODs or JTWhatsApp

The new version of this messenger application offers you wonderful features and benefits. Many new features it includes - customization, themes, app lock, changing styles, conversation lock, privacy, and policy. So, let’s see below some special features.

  • Attractive new JTWhatsApp themes change and customize the interface
  • Changing the elements more color, icons, font size, and shades. It makes the text and background nice looking
  • Greater Upload limit
  • Hide the “Last Seen”. You can hide the last time when you are available online
  • Select partial text and then send & forward it
  • Sending big video file (30 MB Video file can be sent) using JTWhatsApp APK
  • 90 pictures sending at a time smoothly. Picture size need not compress. You can send the original size. In the Original one, it was 10 pictures
  • Write status 250 characters now. Previously it was 139 characters
  • Support XLS, XLSX PDF, Doc, PPT, Text, Zip, VCARD, and many more
  • Hide profile picture to make ghost communication
  • Original and modified both two apps can be kept using at the same time
  • Having more Emojis, emoticons, smileys, and stickers to react instantly
  • Having anti banning system keeps the app safe and secure

Although the WhatsApp JiMODs APK is modified its features outsmart other messenger apps. This is an enhanced comfortability for users. It is a peerless app for Android users to communicate. It allows users to make audio & video calls, share photos or voice messages or video files and other documents.

It is identified that this JTWhatsApp APK is very smooth to use.

So, download the latest version as well as old version from here for free.

WhatsApp+ JiMODs (JTWhatsApp)

81.97 MB

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