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WhatsApp Business
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Description of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business app is completely a new and separate version of official WhatsApp. It is a very effective messenger application to send a message and reply very quickly. This app is personalized or built keeping in mind small business owners. WhatsApp Business application is not designed for personal communication. So, it is called a business communication app.

Presently, businessmen need to deal with the customers virtually. For this reason, customer interaction is a vital part of the business. WhatsApp Business tool has an automated option to respond customers quickly.

Businesses have a lot of confidential matters. In this case, businessmen need to keep their data and information encrypted. WhatsApp Business app is very safe and secured for android users. It does not have any malware to affect your device. Besides, a hacker cannot hack the app to steal your file and documents. Moreover, it is total a legal app for businessmen.

So, you can install it for your business convenience. WhatsApp Business application is free to download for android devices. As a result, it is a very popular application in the business world. 


This Android application offers us a series of unique functions and features. Some are mentioned below to get a general concept.

  • Adapted for the corporate context
  • Connecting business and customers
  • Supported unlimited number of users
  • Tailor for small business
  • Create a company profile with important information where you find Business information, company website, contact information (Mobile No. Email, address), Location
  • Automated welcome message
  • A simple, neat and organized app so that you can communicate very effectively
  • Share large file and folders such as  photos, audio, videos, spreadsheet, excel file, word file, documents, and so on
  • Video chat with up to 256 people
  • Strong privacy and policy so that you can do  Messaging privately and securely 
  • You can label your chat based on customer and person

In a nutshell, WhatsApp Business app is a chat app to simplify the business relationship between companies and customers. Overall, it is a professional app to maintain communication.

WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp Inc.

44.88 MB

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