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Voice Access

Google LLC

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Description of Voice Access

Do you want to control your device by voice or speaking commands?

If yes, you can download Voice Access APK on your Android device. It is an amazing application to help you manage everything on your Android without touching the screen. Now, you can access and search for whatever you want without using your finger.

If you install the Voice Access app you get a floating icon on your Android screen to activate it.

After that, the latest Voice Access applicaation gets prepared for voice command. The screen is divided into different sections to ease its use. So, you can find your section to tap. From the browser, you can see news, favorite website, download files, social media networks, etc.

Voice Access tool allows you to get many voice commands,

  • Basic navigation – Open Gmail, Go Back, Go Home
  • Current screen controlling – Scroll down, tap next
  • Text editing and diction -  Type hello, replace coffee with tea

This mobile application allows you to get help anytime to see a shortlist of different commands. Users find the Google Assistant to start voice access by saying Hello or Hey Google. For this reason, you need to enable Hey Google Detection from your smartphone.

How To Install Voice Access

  1. Download Voice Access APK from this website.
  2. Configure voice access settings and accessibility.
  3. Scroll down the Install Services section and click on it.
  4. Use voice control.

How To Turn Off Voice Access

  1. To pause or stop temporarily – Go to Setting > Accessibility > Voice Access & turn off the switch. To stop the Voice Access, you need to follow the below actions.
  2. Firstly, touch anywhere on the mobile screen.
  3. Secondly, say stop listening.
  4. Thirdly, turn the screen off.
  5. Finally, tap the Touch To Pause option.

The interesting matter is that it is a free application for Android users. If you install the app on your Android you do not need to pay money. So, you do not get concerned about economic issues. Besides, it is a lightweight app. It occupies low space from your Android memory.

If you install it, it never gets burdened on your device. So, you do not lose your device speed.

People consider a risk-free app to keep their devices safe and secure. In this case, you are assured and ensured that Voice Access application is 100% safe and secure for the Android smartphone. It updates regular basis to get rid of unwanted elements and components.

Besides, if you install the app you do not lose your confidential data and information. This is because this app encrypted your private data by its data policy. In addition, Voice Access followed all international procedures, rules, and regulations to mitigate users' hassles and problems.

In a nutshell, the latest Voice Access APK is an Official Google platform that integrates with Android. You can use this app to navigate and command whatever you do. So, it makes easy your life. As a result, you do not get bored using any device.

Now, you do not think twice to install the handy app for your convenience.

Voice Access
Google LLC

15.03 MB

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