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Description of Uhive

Uhive APK is a social networking app that allows users to create and explore virtual spaces while also distributing wealth among its users. It has a unique layout that combines a traditional feed-based interface with a spatial interface, allowing users to create and explore virtual spaces that can be used for various purposes such as socializing, gaming, or online shopping.

Users can also create and customize their virtual spaces, and interact with other users through multiple features, such as text and voice chat, video calls, and content sharing. The latest Uhive application has its own digital currency named the Uhive Token which operates on Ethereum blockchain technology.

By using these Uhive Tokens, users can do a ton of things such as buying virtual items or promoting the space and potentially even converting it to money. This app was first launched in May 2020 on Google Play and the App Store, but it has experienced rapid growth, amassing 400,000 registered users by April 2021.


Uhive app has several features, some of which include,

Virtual Spaces: Uhive latest version is unique among all the social media platforms because of its spaces. In any area of interest, users can create personal profiles. They don't have to stick with just one profile due to the capability to create multiple spaces based on various interests.

If they want to share something historical, they can make their own space in the "History Interest" section. Virtual spaces created by users and explored by them can be used for socializing, gaming, or online shopping.

Interests: The Uhive system is based on interests, and each interest has a section universe in the Oasis. There are a total of 26 interests to pick from. With the aid of technology, Uhive's content can be easily explored and sorted by nation and language. it operates under the tenet of showing users the content they choose by asking them to select their interests.

Users only see posts from the interests they follow. They can subscribe to these interests, and only posts related to those topics will appear in their news feed. Additionally, the app will display more posts from that specific interest than others based on how users interact with posts.

Social Scale: The Uhive Social Scale, which measures the reputation of Uhive users, is analogous to our actual credit score. Depending on how frequently we use it, how engaged we are, how well our posts are received, and any other activities we engage in, it will rise over time. If anyone receives genuine reports of inappropriate behavior, it might go down, depending on the moderators' feedback on the posts and spaces.

Cryptocurrency: As previously mentioned, it uses its own "Uhive Token" based on Ethereum blockchain technology and this token can be earned and used within the app for a variety of purposes, including purchasing virtual goods or advertising your space.

Multi-language support: There are several languages for the app. Users can choose their preferred languages.

How To Use Uhive Application

Using the app is relatively straightforward. Here are the basic steps to get started,

  1. At first, need to download Uhive APK from here and install it.
  2. After installing the app, open the app and create an account by providing email address and a password. Also, there is a way to sign in via social media account.
  3. Now, explore numerous web spaces made by other users. To create own space, must tap the "+" icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, give it a name, choose a theme, and then personalize it as wish.
  4. Tap on another user's profile to contact them and leave a message or make a call. They could also invite you into their space.
  5. Create and share content, invite friends, and participate in various activities to earn the in-app currency Hive.
  6. Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen to access the profile and settings. So that you can easily manage spaces, edit profiles, and change the privacy settings.
  7. Check the app's tutorials or help center, or can get in touch with the app's customer support, to explore more features and options.

How To Make Money On Uhive

There are several ways to earn money on the Uhive app,

Invite Users: By referring friends to the app, make money and receive a referral bonus. Additionally, they will be compensated for forwarding referral codes to friends.

Refer Users To Buy Uhive Tokens: Joining the Uhive affiliates program is another way that an user can make money. A user must log into their web dashboard and sign up for the affiliates program in order to become an affiliate.

After signing up, she or he must use the invitation code to invite their friends. Any friend who purchases Uhive tokens will be tracked and receive 20% of the price. Additionally, the user will get a 2% share of any actions they take on the system if their friend invites another user.

Uhive tokens: By earning the token, users can also make money. Users must have to open the app, read posts, rate them favorably or negatively, add their own content, share posts, and invite friends to join in order to earn tokens.

Users will receive tokens as payment for all of these actions, and these tokens will arrive in their Uhive latest version token wallets several times throughout the day.

Uhive Token Price

The supply of tokens is constrained, and they have a strong connection to the Spaces Index on Uhive, which shows all primary network transactions in real-time. Currently, the price of 333 Uhive tokens is $1.00.

Is Uhive Safe

Uhive app is a metaverse with limitless potential and is widely regarded as a true gift for social metaverse interaction. The security and privacy of their users were given top priority when it was being built, according to the company's authority.

To comply with and exceed security compliances and data regulations, all the data is encrypted using 256 AES SSL data transfer and 256 AES at-rest encryption on multiple servers covered in the most recent security technology.

Data can be safely uploaded and downloaded to it by users using SSL endpoints and the HTTPS protocol. Uhive application is additionally built on the Amazon AWS backend for security, sturdiness, and quick global performance.

Despite these facts, there are still drawbacks to consider, such as the fact that it still lacks a multifactor authentication option and that many users have negative things to say about it and consider it into account, such as the fact that it still lacks a multifactor authentication option and that many users have negative things to say about it and consider it to be a scam.


Uhive APK created the brilliant concept of fusing social media and blockchain technology as they enjoy communication in a free or regulated world. It also produces an exciting experience when using VR technology to watch movies, navigate through real-world or virtual environments, and much more.

Users can trade in the virtual world and profit over the countless spaces they may own, which only adds to the fun.

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