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Description of Tynker

Do you want to teach your kids coding or programming?

If yes, no tension, Tynker APK offers you many interesting lessons to learn. It is a fantastic code learning platform for kids. Here, children find code lessons in an enjoyable position like fun and learning. All tutorials are available to step by step as children can learn code easily.

In this Tynker app platform, everything is organized for different ages children. So, children can master coding very efficiently and effectively. Worldwide, it is so popular app for coding learning that 60 million kids and thousands of schools or institutes use it regularly.

The interesting matter is that you can get this app free from this website. You do not need to spend a single cent on your credit card. So, don’t worry about the financial issue. Without thinking twice, you can install and run the app for your convenience.

There is no safety warning for the latest Tynker application. It is a safe and secure application. You do not find any factor that creates any risk for your devices. It does not contain harmful elements such as malware virus. Besides it updates always to fix the bugs and bloatware to keep smooth the app.

In addition, it is a lightweight platform that occupies lower storage from your device memory. So, there is no chance to lose the speed of your android smartphone. Moreover, Tynker app is a legal 100%. It never violates any rules and regulations. So, users do not face any hassle.

Different Projects

  • Game kits: kids can build their physics, platformer,  arcade games
  • Storey-telling: Riddles, quizzes, comics, jokes, write stories, and so on
  • Animations: use character creation engine and stop motion animation   
  • Physics: program zero gravity and fire canons, and bouncing penguin
  • Drawing: create math art by coding & art studio
  • Music: helping to program drum beats, musical notes to play song

Important Features of Tynker

  • Allowing 5 to 18 age group
  • Including 1200+ activities
  • Children make apps, games, mod Minecraft, make art, programs connected to toys, stories, animations, control robots & drones
  • Learning code by solving puzzles
  • Modify different games by changing codes for their interest
  • Working offline
  • 150+ interactive tutorials and templates
  • Create games and apps by Drag-and-drop visual programming
  • Use & design millions of animated characters

In a nutshell, Tynker APK is overall an excellent platform for kids where a lot of friendly and understandable tutorials are available to learn codes.


88.97 MB

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