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Description of TuxMath

TuxMath APK is an arcade-style game that helps players to learn mathematical concepts smartly. It is a fun game where players can learn tables and mathematical calculations by solving game problems. It is widely renowned as an educational tool because it has many levels that are difficult to complete.

In the latest TuxMath game, players will find that asteroids are becoming a threat to the city, and if those asteroids will fall on the city, Tux, the Penguin who is the commander of the city, and igloos and other Penguins will be in trouble. The city might be destroyed by the asteroids.

The commander Penguin, Tax only can save the entire city by solving the mathematical problems that come with an attack from the asteroids to complete each level.

Features of TuxMath Game

  • Multiple-user support. It can be used in schools as a learning tool and both the teachers and students can be benefitted from it
  • You will get an on-screen tutorial while you are playing it on your device
  • Each level features additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions, relative numbers, and also problems with fractions
  • Additionally, there is an auto-level option. When you turn on this option, you don’t have to switch levels manually. This feature will support this game to automatically switch to another level when it sets forth levels that are too easy or too hard to solve to move forward
  • There consists of levels that involve 3 or more than 3 numbers in the operations
  • Players will also get penalties or punishments if they continuously give wrong answers or failed to complete levels
  • Players will get three graphic themes to play that include Classic, Original, and Afrikalan
  • There will be various missions in this game that kids will enjoy, and these missions will help the kids to understand the advanced tactics of mathematics
  • Kids will have learning opportunities with a wide range of math principles in a funny but effective way
  • It is a free arcade-style video game with an open-source feature, and you won’t be disturbed by any advertisements while you are playing the game

How To Play TuxMath Game

  1. Enable allow unknown source option from the settings of your Android device. 
  2. After enabling the option, you are ready to download TuxMath APK from this website. Click on the download button on the game page of the site and it will be downloaded on your device and you have to install it by clicking on the install button.
  3. Now you are ready to play the game. To start playing, first, you have to open the game. As you open it, you will get an interface with different terms of Mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. You can choose any of these sections to play. Even, you will get sub-sections when you click any of these sections.
  4. By clicking your preferable sub-section, you will enter the main game where you find that asteroids are falling from the sky. You will get problems written on the asteroids. You have to solve the problems and write the answers on the keyboard. While you click on the numbers on the keyboard, they will be shown in a box that is in front of the Penguin. You have to press the Enter button on the keyboard to submit your answer. You have to give the right answers before the asteroids will reach the ground.
  5. As you solve the all problems of a level, you will get another level. And if you fail to solve the problems before the asteroids reach the ground, the other Penguins along with the city can be destroyed and you will get a penalty.


TuxMath APK is an open-source Android game with a simple and flexible interface that is best suited for kids aged between 7-13 years to teach them Mathematical terms and enhance their skill and knowledge.

Whether it is about teaching children Mathematics, they don’t enjoy this particular subject and consider it boring and difficult to learn. This game makes the most boring and difficult subject easy to learn. It is the best arcade game and an inevitable tool for learning mathematics.


19.82 MB

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