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Traffic Rider

Soner Kara

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Description of Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider APK is an enjoyable first-person driving video game for Android users.

In this, you are to ride a motorbike and take a speed to go through the traffic. While playing the Traffic Rider game, first press or push the right handlebar to start. You just push the left handlebar to stop the Motorbike. If you tilt your device left and right the bike tilts side to side to run the game.

The interesting matter is that Traffic Rider game is 100% free for Android. You do not spend a single dollar from your credit card. It is a 10% free game to play. Besides, the game is very safe and secure for your device. You do not feel worried as it does not have any elements that are harmful.

Unavailable viruses and malware lead to keeping up the device’s speed and stability.

In addition, it is a legitimate game. Traffic Rider latest version followed all international rules and regulations. So, game lovers do not face problems whenever they try to play it. Moreover, this game updated and upgrade at a regular time. As a result, it fixes unwanted bugs.

In this situation, you do not hesitate to choose the game.

Features of Traffic Rider

It has some excellent features that attract the game lover to select the game for playing and passing their quality free time. Let’s look below to get a brief idea about the Traffic Rider game,

  • The real-time feeling of a driving motorbike
  • Supporting first-person camera view
  • Choosing your one from 29 well-decorated motorbike
  • Getting real-time motorbike sound
  • Setting time to create a different environment what you want such as day, night, and evening
  • Finding online leaderboard
  • Opportunity to get 30+ awards and achievement
  • Dozens of racing events to take part and various gaming moods
  • Available supports of 19 languages
  • Getting more score if you do faster you ride
  • Gaining cash bonus and point or score if you cross 100 KM speed and overtake traffic cars
  • Getting extra score and cash if you drive the opposite direction and do wheelies
  • Wonderful graphics, transitional effects make the game attractive
  • Having 70+ missions of this game
  • Different levels and steps give you a great thrill and entertainment to go forward to the next level

In a nutshell, Traffic Rider APK is a wonderful driving motorbike game that is amazing and entertaining for game lovers. It is very popular all over the world at present time. So, you can enjoy playing the game.

Traffic Rider
Soner Kara

141.5 MB

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