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Description of TouchDroid

TouchDroid APK is a free app repository that is very popular on the Android platform. The main purpose of it is to control Windows computers through the local network. Users can simply use their Android devices to run their computers. They don’t require any different input tools.

It is available on this website for free of cost. Also, it is completely safe to use because it is tested with different malware testing approaches. Besides, users don’t need to give any permission to open the latest TouchDroid app which maintains their proper security and privacy.

Features of TouchDroid Application

  • With the app, users can turn their Android devices into input tools, for example, a keyboard, mouse, touchpad, etc to control their Windows computers
  • It uses TouchServer to run Windows Operating System
  • Users can capture data from their local network with this app
  • It is an open-source app repository for the Android platform
  • It doesn’t require any kind of personal information while you are about to start using it

Where To Download

TouchDroid latest version is not available in the Google Play store. But, no need to worry at all. It is available on this website. You can very easily download it from here. Also, this website uploads it after checking the bugs and malware to ensure safety and security.

You can download it from here without any hesitation or tension.

How To Use TouchDroid App

To use the app, you just have to follow some simple steps. Those steps are given below for your convenience.

  1. Firstly, download TouchDroid APK from this website by clicking on the download button and then install it on your Android device.
  2. Secondly, you have to download the TouchServer repository’s zip file from Google.
  3. Once you have downloaded the TouchServer, you need to extract contents from it to your preferred location so that you can run the UI.exe file on your Android device and control the server with this app.
  4. Now, launch TouchDroid application and it will automatically connect to the server.
  5. To start it, click on the start from the desktop GUI.
  6. After opening it, there will be a touch area, left and right buttons, and a wheel on the screen of your device.
  7. To control your computer, tap on the touch area, left and right buttons, and the wheel just like your keyboard, touchpad, or mouse.
  8. To stop this app, click on stop from the GUI.


In conclusion, TouchDroid APK is very effective and handy for Android users in terms of creating a connection between the Android operating system and the Windows Operating System. Also, there includes TouchServer which works as the mediator between it and the Windows Operating System.

The user interface of it is very easy and simple so that anyone can use it without facing any difficulties and trouble whether he/she is a beginner or has knowledge in using it. It is a perfect app to control your Windows computer via your Android device.

Akshay Parmar

1.92 MB

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