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Description of Todoist

Do you organize your daily life task efficiently and effectively?

If yes, you can download Todoist APK from here. It is a great task and schedule organization tool for Android users. It is called a comprehensive task manager. You can personalize your every work to perform in the right schedule. So, you do not get stuck in the works.

People have an instinctive habit to forget their necessary plans. In this case, Todoist app is one of the most prominent and popular applications to remind you. So, you never miss any important meetings and programs anytime as well as meet the deadline of any issue.

As a result, users can keep their appointments and commitments easily.

At present time, Todoist application is used for organizing, planning, and collaborating on different projects. It is considered the number one organizing tool for its great features and functions. As a result, this application is very popular. It has above 30 million active users.

Day by day users number increases very fast.

The Todoist tool is integrated with hundreds of channels such as Google account, Gmail, Slack, Google Calendar, Pocket, Fitbit, Evernote, Onenote, and Facebook. If you incorporate the app with the Google Calendar, it automatically includes all tasks with the schedule.

So, you can visualize, organize, and prioritize every task based on its importance.

You keep confidence and trust in this app as it provides 100% safety and security of your data and information. Nobody steals your data as it encrypted everything. Besides, it is undoubtedly a legitimate app. You never get caught in any sort of entangled.

The interesting matter is that the Todoist app is 100% free if you download and install its latest APK version from this website. So, don’t worry about the financial transaction. It is a small size app. If you install the app it does not occupy a huge space in your memory.

Key Features of Todoist

  • List synchronizes across different devices
  • Improve productivity
  • Having cloud-based storage
  • Include widgets, notifications, and shortcuts
  • Arrange and organize tasks by the deadline, dates, priorities, and color coding
  • Organize lists and projects in Kaban Style
  • Keeps the notes and tasks update
  • Accomplish group assignments simultaneously
  • Having an automatic backup system to keep protected the data and information from the losing
  • Finish the right work at the right time
  • Create a unique style workflow
  • Review and update the schedule for every task when required
  • Segregate all files and folders by putting different names and colors

Using the Todoist app, you can track and plan easily. A list of activities it covers such as daily reminders, habit tracker, daily planner, holiday & weekly planner, project management, study planner, shopping planning, business planning, and so many others.

It is a very flexible tool that allows you to add whatever you required.

Todoist APK is a productivity tool. It helps to balance and organize work and life by managing the different tasks effectively and efficiently. If you install the application, you can organize billions of tasks associated with education, work, and personal.

Doist Inc.

52.27 MB

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