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Description of TimeSpread

Do you search for a daily planner app?

If yes, install the TimeSpread APK now. It gives you a wonderful time management experience. You can make a schedule for your college, university, and school. So, you can study routine-wise. Every class time and schedule you find. As a result, you do not miss your class.

Besides, parents can make planning for their family and office. In addition, professionals, businessmen, and academicians can use this app for their convenience as well. Nowadays, people remain under pressure as they have multi-task to be done.

In this case, TimeSpread application is needed to maintain a schedule.

So, you can take the help of TimeSpread as it is an amazing application to manage time properly and efficiently. As a result, you never miss your important scheduled meeting. This app allows users to make a plan of action when they sleep, work, study, and so on.

You can set an alarm and a notification system to remind the important timetable.

So, you can produce healthy habits by maintaining time.

Features of TimeSpread App

  • Set up the start and end of the day
  • Create a healthy lifestyle routine and tight schedule
  • Optimize time and get rid of time wastage
  • Create a to-do list. Don’t forget what to do daily
  • Modify and customize the schedule and time if anything is changed
  • Share your schedule with the friends
  • Share memories and moments anonymously
  • Prioritize your schedule based on importance.
  • Put a short note and description of the schedule
  • Use various colors to mark different tasks 
  • Create a sub-task of the main task
  • Organi8ze and simplify the work and increase the performance
  • Save time
  • Integrated with the digital calendar to manage the work date and time-wise
  • Create a roadmap to manage small to large projects
  • Cross-functional collaboration. Work seamlessly and simultaneously
  • Intuitive design user interface
  • Having different colors, background colors, and themes to change the appearance of the app as you want

Time planning is very important for human life. It increases the productivity of the people. This is because you can visualize every task’s date, time, and importance. So, you can take a decision quickly.  The right time and right work also improve the quality of the production.

So, it is very essential to plan appropriately. In this case, TimeSpread app keeps a great role.

The interesting fact is that it is a free. You do not make any payment to install the app. Besides, it is small size app that occupies a lower space from the device memory. So, it does not become a great burden. So, you do not lose the navigational speed of Android.

You can keep TimeSpread APK on a low-end device.

Users can specify every event and schedule by using a unique name. So, whenever they want to search for any keyword it is easy to find. You see the entire schedule of the day on the dashboard. Edit and change schedule. If anything needs to cancel you can quickly delete it from the schedule.


67.58 MB

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