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Description of TED

TED APK has an application to watch and view inspiring talks and speeches on a variety of issues and topics. No problem, now, you find everything easily on your Android smartphone standing anywhere anytime. Harry Marks and Richard Saul Wurman established TED on 23 February 1984.

Its headquarters belong to New York, USA, Vancouver, Canada. In 2019, TED app changes its ownership from Sapling Foundation to TED Foundation. Now, its main slogan is Idea Worth Spreading.

Distinguished speakers involved and gave speeches such as Bill Clinton, Sean M. Carroll, Elon Musk, Ray Dalio, Cédric Villani, Stephen Hawking, Jane Goodall, Al Gore, Temple Grandin, Shahrukh Khan, Gordon Brown, Richard Dawkins, Bill Gates, Dolph Lundgren, Bob Weir, Shashi Tharoor, Bono, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin, Leana Wen, Pope Francis, Jeff Bezos, and lots of Nobel Prize winners.

You can install the latest TED application that helps to browse, download, and view TED talks. It includes huge topics that help the audience to gather knowledge such as science & technology, entertainment, diseases, art & design, agriculture & cultivation, AI, Animal and birds, Books, Business & trade.

Also, it has Leadership, Marketing, Digital Marketing, culture, and society, Computers, software, & programming, Communication, Environment, education, health, world, Gender, Language, Happiness, Motivation, invention, religion, medicine, music, Drama & movies, social change, and so many issues.

Now, your education is in your hand. You find a lot of lectures on different topics that you view by using your mobile phone if you install the TED latest version. in the world, it is one of the best platforms where you find huge topics that lecture by expert and knowledgeable people.

So, TED app is very popular and famous for all ages people. Its videos are watched 3 billion times annually. Overall, it feeds curiosity & interest. You do not fear losing your information and data from Android if you install the app. This is because it has a great privacy policy to safeguard your private data.

So, you do not think twice to download and install the app.

Interesting Features of TED

  • Explore 3000 TED talks that are inspiring, informative, motivational, and transformative
  • Available in English with 100 languages subtitles
  • Enriched video library
  • Provide HD quality video
  • Watch online and offline by download. So, you can enjoy the content if you do not have available internet
  • Bookmarks videos to watch later
  • Share videos with your friends and family on different social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter,  as well as  email
  • The app and its content are 100% free for Android users
  • Scholars are allowed a maximum of 18 minutes to share their idea
  • Lightweight app to install on your device
  • Safe, secure, and legal app for Android smartphones
  • Create your favorite playlist
  • Dark and light mode the application
  • Available conferences and lectures to promote and spread the idea
  • Best speeches from the best person. Spoke persons are ver recognized. Some are precedents, novel laureate, businessman, technologist
  • In some cases, finding transcript of the talks
  • Upgrade and updates with new video time and again
  • Great user interface that helps to search your necessary videos easily
  • Registration is optional

In a nutshell, TED APK is a very useful video lectures app. We hardly find any well-educated person who does not know about the application. A lot of distinguished, respectable, and knowledgeable people lecture here to share their life history and idea.

So, if you install the app you must get the benefit.

TED Conferences LLC

41.16 MB

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