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Description of Tango

Tango APK is a phenomenal messaging app which was established in 2009. Within 10 days of its launch, it was downloaded over 1 million times. Tango app is one of the best communication app for android users all over the world.

It helps you to connect and communicate with known and unknown people. You can chat, make audio and video calls using the Tango app. The amazing thing is that this messenger application is 100% free to install and use. You don't need to spend a dollar from your credit card account.

This app maintains 100% safety and security. It does not contain any dangerous virus or malware that creates trouble for your device as well as smooth communication. Moreover, it is a valid app for Android smartphone users as it fulfills all the legal rules, regulations and procedures to install the app.

So, don't be afraid whenever you decide to install Tango.

There are many strong competitors in the messaging market. Amidst all of them, Tango creates its own distinct opposition by offering some unique functions and features. So, let's see below why Tango APK is different from others.

Features of Tango:

  • best place to live
  • Make calls with high quality sound and image
  • Share photos, news, status, files, audios and videos
  • Send messages by adding stickers, emoticons and emoji
  • Find new users' profiles near you
  • Connect with people who are well-known and strangers in your area
  • broadcast live video
  • Supporting VoIP protocol which helps to make calls to mobile phones and landline numbers. calls are very cheap
  • Create a Tango group with up to 50 people. You can spend time with group members by group video audio call
  • Support available in various languages ​​such as Russian, English, Spanish, Turkish, Hindi, Vietnamese, etc.
  • Over 400 million registered users
  • Update frequently to fix dangerous bugs that help keep your device speed up to normal
  • Smooth call quality. So, you don't feel bored and upset
  • Monetize your tango community by live streaming your talents such as singing, dancing online
  • Simple, quick and intuitive user interface. Any person with poor technical knowledge can do the job easily
  • Find Strangers Nearby Using the Tango App
  • Helping you become a popular influencer by showcasing different talents
  • share game with friends

In short, Tango APK allows you to go live and interact with people from all over the world at any time. So, install the app and enjoy connecting with a large number of people.


96.34 MB

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