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Description of SwiftKey Keyboard

Do you need a simple and easy as well as useful keyboard for you?

If yes. You can choose and use SwiftKey Keyboard app for your convenience. It is the most powerful keyboard app for Android. It is widespread for its predictive writing and smart correction. The interesting or amazing matter is that SwiftKey Keyboard application is a 100% free for smartphone users.

You need not spend a single cent to install the application.

It is so useful that change your mind about keyboard and typing habits drastically. Besides, it is user-friendly and safe 100% for smartphone users as it does not carry any threatening virus to affect your device. In addition that, SwiftKey Keyboard application is a completely legal. It does not breach any legal issues. So, you don’t feel hesitation to install it.

There are many similar apps in the world for Android users. But, Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard tool is the best among all for its distinctive characteristics. So, unique features are given below for the users' convenience.

Useful features of SwiftKey Keyboard:

  • Mainly this app changes the default keyboard by giving you a new custom look keyboard 
  • Allowing you to write quickly and effectively as it suggests the contextual vocabulary whenever you start writing. So, from the suggesting words, you can pick your suitable one by tapping on that
  • Intelligently correct the errors and mistakes
  • Having 10 different options to change the appearance of the keyboard
  • Supporting multiple languages
  • The thumb layout splits the keyboard into two columns. So, you can use each thumb to type while holding the side of your android phone
  • Available symbols and emoji to put your writing
  • Swipe typing and tap-to-type chose whatever you want
  • The app is updated regularly to fix the bugs and improve its usability
  • Adjusting layout, theme, and vibration as well as setting spacebar
  • Available in 300+ languages all over the globe such as Portuguese, German, English, French, Turkish, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Polish, Hindi, and so many

In short, SwiftKey Keyboard app gives you a smooth, perfect, and consistent typing experience. So, you can use and refer others to install.

SwiftKey Keyboard

26.94 MB

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