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Description of Swift Streamz

Swift Streamz app is an amazing live stream entertainment platform to enjoy unlimited time. It allows you to watch about 700 plus TV Channels all over the world. You can enjoy your entertainment channels standing anywhere anytime as it does not have restrictions, registration, and subscription fee for Android Users. So Swift Streamz is a great boon for mobile phone users.

Nowadays, People lead stressful life as they have to deal with a lot of things for their jobs and businesses. Stressful life feels people bother. So, they want to get rid of that. Entertainment keeps a vital role for get free of pressured life. Generally, busy people don’t have much time to enjoy themselves. So, they search easy way of entertaining.

In this case, Swift Streamz application is a great platform offering hundreds of entertainment stocks.

Swift Streamz followed all legal and safety issues. It does not carry any dangerous malware that harms your device. Besides, Swift Streamz app fulfills all international legal procedures to set up the platform.   So, you can install and use the app conveniently for your android phone.

Useful Features:

  • Good rating app and Users reviews
  • Covering 30 countries like India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Canada, USA, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Philippines, Pakistan, Belgium and so many
  • Good numbers of Categories  i.e. Sports, Documentaries, Kids, Religion, Movies, TV shows and Series

Supporting Subtitles of several recognized languages

  • Inbuilt video players and several external players such as MX, VLC, 321, android player, and so on
  • Chromecast option allows to mobile stream to big screen TV broadcast
  • Showing old, classic and modern
  • No buffering
  • Watching Online and download to watch offline when an internet connection is not available
  • Fixing unnecessary and unwanted bugs
  • Stream high-quality videos i.e. HD quality
  • Update regularly to include latest and new
  • Notification and popup of upcoming
  • Supporting IPTV Protocol
  • User-friendly interface
  • Bookmarks favorite TV Shows

In short, Swift Streamz app brings a bagful of entertainment content for your enjoyment.

Swift Streamz

21.43 MB

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