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Description of Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin APK is a step counter application that was designed and developed for Android users who are anxious and conscious about their health and fitness. Fundamentally, it tracks and counts the daily steps of the people. It is an activity tracker that converts your steps currency.

You can spend the earned currency to buy gadgets, sports & fitness kits, and services & experiences from the marketplaces. So, if you install the latest Sweatcoin application, you can fitter, healthier, and wealthier. Overall, your movement gives you financial value.

It allows you to set your goal. In this goal, some criteria are included that are mentioned below.

  • Count Duration: How much time workout daily i.e. hour, minutes, seconds
  • Distance Counting: How long and how many steps such as miles, kilometers
  • Calories Calculation: How much amount of calories lose

People always engage in different kinds of activities, exercises, and workouts to keep healthy.

They want to keep everything recorded digitally. So, you can use the Sweatcoin app that permits you to calculate everything. Besides, your activities generate currency that allows you to purchase different goods and services from the different selected online or e-commerce platforms.

You do not lose valuable data that are personal as it encrypted your data and information. It is a secure. Sweatcoin app is % legal as it followed all legal procedures, rules, and regulations to set up and market it. So, people frequently choose it to install without changing their minds.

Features of Sweatcoin

It is very useful for fitness-conscious people as it has several effective features that are given below.

  • Tracks your daily steps. Show the steps graphically
  • Getting financial rewards for every step. Cash-out using the rewards  
  • Design and developed for fitness
  • Using PayPal or Amazon voucher to buy different items
  • Getting free prizes, discounts, and offers
  • Light weight app that occupies low data and space. So, there is no wasting of battery charge
  • Receive daily bonuses  
  • Monitoring exercise activities
  • Identify fitness level and weight loss status
  • Connect the app when go outside to walk and run and do physical exercise
  • Connecting during Treadmill activities

You can connect and communicate with the app users and make friends. It has a free and premium version. If you want to install it free you need to install the APK version from this website. You need not invest a single penny from your credit card.

The amazing matter is that Sweatcoin APK is free for Android. You can use it to make more fun, keep fit, and earn currency to buy your selected products from the certain marketplace. So, without thinking twice you can install it for your health and fitness records.

Sweatco Ltd

64.18 MB

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