SURE Universal Ltd.

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Description of SURE

SURE APK is an exceptional application designed for Android users that helps to control the home’s various devices. It works like a remote control. The wonderful matter is that it turns your ordinary home into a smart home. You operate every home device from your Android smartphone.

You just connect WiFi and add all required devices.

The amazing matter is that you do not need to pay a single penny from your wallet. It is a 100% free app for android users. So, you do not feel worried about the financial issue. SURE app is a lightweight application for android users. It occupies lower space and storage from your device memory.

So, there is no chance to lose your device speed.

The latest SURE application is a legitimate application. It never breaches any legal procedure that is cumbersome for the users. Following all legal rules and regulations, the app is set up. So, you do not get worried whenever you decide to install it.

Key Features of SURE

  • Control huge different devices: You can control your various devices from your android smartphones such as  TV, Lights, Air Condition, media streamer, Curtain, Fan, DVD, Projector, electricity switch, Microwave oven, and so on
  • Voice command: It allows you to use your voice to command the app
  • Work as a media player: SURE app supports different well-known audio and video formats. Helping to browse and play favorite music and video
  • Connect the small device to Big screen TV:  You can stream your photos, music, videos from your android phone to the big screen TV. So, you can enjoy your favorite content livelily
  • Creating Group: you can create a group adding multiple devices to control easily and simple
  • Simple and user-friendly interface. So, you can operate and navigate the app easily

SURE APK is safe and secure 100%. Thre are no risk factors that harm your devices. It does not contain any element such as virus or malware that affects your devices severely. Besides, it updates always to keep the app smooth by cleaning and fixing unwanted bugs and other things.

So, you do not face any problem installing and running the app.

In a nutshell, SURE app is a very useful app for users. You control and look after your home by using your Android smartphone if you have this app on your device. So, without feeling an iota of doubt, you can install and enjoy its service.

SURE Universal Ltd.

48.79 MB

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