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Sonic Dash


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Description of Sonic Dash

You can download Sonic Dash APK to your mobile phone from here.

Sonic Dash is an entertaining video game for Android users. It has great and colorful graphics and an amazing character model. If you have a high-end mobile then you can run the game easily. No need to spend money from your credit card to play sonic dash game. It is 100% free.

This game is 100% safe and secure for android users. People can spend their free and free time to play the game. They do not face any unwanted trouble as it does not convey any unwanted virus and danger. Bug attacks cause devices to slow down.

The right of the game keeps on updating the Sonic Dash game regularly. No harmful virus or bug ever attack the android smartphone. Besides that, it's a legitimate game. All international rules, regulations, procedures are followed to set up the game.

Hence, game lovers never face any difficulty in installing and playing the game.

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Players give instructions to Sonic or other characters. They collect rings, avoid obstacles and enemies.

It automatically proceeds like other games. Players compete among themselves to win the leaderboard. Level set, rings can be collected throughout the level. Collect red wires and rings to be used to buy power-ups. It helps to upgrade and unlock playable characters.

There are many objects and obstacles in the game like

  • Rings - Item Box 3 Types - Random Ring Bonus, Shield and Magnet
  • red star rings
  • spring spikes
  • Bomb
  • totten poles
  • dash panel

Features of Sonic Dash:

  • Endless Runner & Arcade Style - Running & Running Game
  • Single-player and multiplayer mode game
  • The game has 3D landscape
  • Sonic Dash has multiple missions and daily challenges
  • Playing with four characters such as Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Shadow
  • Use power-ups, to improve your special skills
  • Sonic characters run, jump, spin, and dash
  • Conquer new obstacles and earn special rewards in new events
  • Run, roll, jump over obstacles, and speed around loops to dodge dangers
  • Fighting Enemies Using Sonic Destructive Attack
  • Magic Sprite helps develop and run the game
  • challenge your friend
  • Having attractive user interface helps you to play the game easily

In short, the game offers you a vast entertainment experience. You never feel bored while playing this game. So, you don't think twice to install the game and pass the quality time. So, download Sonic Dash APK from below and play this online game for free.

Sonic Dash

182.2 MB

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