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Description of Sokoban

Do you search for a perfect entertaining game to pass the quality time?

If yes, choose Sokoban APK now. Basically, it means warehouse keeper. It was invented in Japan. This is a challenging and fascinating puzzle video game that was designed and developed for Android users. This game has a lot of puzzles and logic the train your brain effectively.

This is because you need to pass different levels to win the game where you need to use your brain to solve the puzzles and move forward. Sokoban game was created by Hiroyuki Imabayashi in 1981. It survives in the game field for its unique features and entertaining gameplay.

You can pass 90 levels to finish the game. At every level, you find varied puzzles to solve. Players have to be careful whenever they place any block in a corner. If blocks are not able to move the proper way it is not possible to go next level. The main aim is to put each block on the green dots on the board.

Gameplay of Sokoban

In this game, the player pushes boxes and crates around the warehouse to store the boxes in different locations. It played on a board of squares. Each square has a floor or a wall. Some of the floor squares contain boxes some are marked as store locations.

Players get confined to the board and move vertically and horizontally onto an empty square.

The player can also move into the box. The puzzle is solved when all boxes remain in the exact location. In the Sokoban game, you find several things when you push the boxes such as the wall, crate, entrance, and square. At every level, you need these things to continue the game.

Features of Sokoban Puzzle

  • A classic game of puzzle logic
  • Solve every single puzzle of logic to finish the game
  • Move all boxes around the panel to turn them all green color
  • Move the blocks until reaching the goal
  • Having a minimalistic and basic user interface that helps to control the game characters
  • Nice 3D graphics, effects, and transition
  • Having on-screen arrows to move left and right & up and down
  • Need to solve 200 puzzles and fun
  • Getting the best-automated puzzles solver
  • Push the balls and boxes into the correct position in a warehouse by using minimum pushes and moves
  • Levels getting easy to hard

Sokoban Puzzle game is 100% free. No financial transaction is required if you install its APK version from this website. The amazing fact is that it is a lightweight game that occupies lower space from Android memory. It does not become a great burden for your device.

If you install it the speed of the device navigation and operation never gets reduced.

Sokoban APK is one of the most popular logic games in today's world. If you install and play the game you have to solve a lot of puzzles that help to increase the brain's capacity to think about anything creatively. So, people choose the game frequently.

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813 MB

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