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Description of Skype

All over the world, we hardly find any educated person who does not hear about Skype APK. It is one of the most prominent and powerful video communication apps. You can install the app for free of cost and make free video calls.

Besides, it has an option to make phone calls on different mobile phones and landlines. Skype app is very useful for Android mobile phone users. Without facing any buffering, you can continue video chat personally and professionally.

You exchange many more things daily with the use of Skype application. In this case, you are assured that it remains encrypted of your data and information. So, there is no chance to leak your files and messages. So, you do not feel any risk.

Besides, it does not contain any harmful elements such as threats, virus, and malware. So, it is secure and safe 100%. In addition, it is a legitimate app for Android. No violation is found yet that creates hassle for users. It followed all international rules & regulations, and standard & procedures.

So, without, second thought, you can install the Skype app for your better communications.

Features of Skype

There are some strong competitors in the field of social apps. Skype is one of them. It creates a strong position in this market by offering a set of unique features and functions. So, let’s look below.   

  • Specialize in VoIP Video telephony (Voice-Over-Internet Protocol), voice call, and video conferencing
  • Having option of instant messaging and file transfer,
  • A total of over 100 million user and daily 40 million users
  • Update on a regular basis to get rid of unwanted bugs that help to clean and freshen the app. As a result, your app gets easy to navigate
  • Send photos videos, share files, voice messages
  • Use different emojis, emoticons, smileys, GIFS, and many more instant reactions elements to express instant mood
  • By inviting people, you can create groups of up to 300 people. Create group calls for up to 25 people. So, you can arrange professional and personal meetings. Besides, you can hang out with your friends by making video and audio calls.
  • Attractive and user-friendly interface.
  • Sign up by your email and mobile including a short description, profile picture
  • Connect people by sharing link of your account

In a nutshell, Skype APK is a fantastic communication app that allows you to connect a lot of people all over the world. People choose this app for their convenience.


70.34 MB

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