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Description of Simple Camera

Simple Camera APK is an Android app that allows users to take pictures and videos using their smartphone's camera. The app typically offers the ability to switch between the front and back cameras as well as basic camera controls like flash, focus, and exposure.

Once a user launches the latest Simple Camera application, they are often met with a viewfinder that shows what the camera is currently recording. Users can then capture a photo or start a movie using the buttons on the app. This app is 100% free of cost.

If you want such a premium app to click photos and record videos but don’t have enough money to spend on other application, then this Simple Camera latest version is the perfect option. You can download this without any money on it from this website.

Features of Simple Camera App

  • Users can easily take photos and record videos and switch between the front and rear camera with this open camera app
  • It allows users to modify the save path or limit the resolution of their photo frames
  • You can either turn on and off the flash or use it as a flashlight
  • You can split the settings into subsections
  • It also provides zoom in and out or a toggle option to swap images horizontally in case of capturing portrait photos
  • It offers various kinds of settings including shutter sound, flash, photo metadata, photo quality, etc
  • It allows users to customize the output file path so that they can save the files wherever they want
  • It has limited internet access which ensures the privacy, stability, and security of its users
  • You can customize the colors also

How To Use Simple Camera App

  1. First, download Simple Camera APK from this website by clicking on the download button that is given both below and above.
  2. Then tap on the install button to install it on your device.
  3. Now, you have to locate the app icon on your device's home screen or app drawer and tap it to open it.
  4. You have to aim the camera at the subject you want to capture and use the viewfinder to frame your shot. You can adjust the zoom and focus if needed.
  5. You can adjust the basic settings like flash, timer, and exposure compensation. Adjust these settings as needed for the best shot.
  6. Press the capture button to take the picture. It also allows you to use the volume buttons or a physical button on your phone to take the picture.
  7. After taking the picture, you will usually see a preview of it on the screen. Review it to make sure it looks good, then save it to your camera roll or gallery.
  8. If you want to record a video, switch to the video mode and press the record button to start recording. Press the button again to stop recording.


Simple Camera APK is a useful tool for anyone who wants to capture photos and videos using their smartphone. Using the app is easy and straightforward. Users can open the app, frame their shot, adjust settings as needed, take a picture or record a video, and then save it to their camera roll or gallery.

Overall, it is convenient and user-friendly that can help users capture and share their memories with friends and family.

Simple Camera
Simple Mobile Tools

9.17 MB

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