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Description of Simple App Launcher

Simple App Launcher APK is an amazing tool that organizes your apps and tools available on your Android device. Fundamentally, it helps to show icons of your favorite apps, games, and tools. As a result, you can identify your necessary app when it is required to use.

The main purpose of this Simple App Launcher app is to help the elderly and sight difficulty people.

Generally, visually impaired people face problems whenever they use Android phones. In this case, this app is designed and developed to minimalist the interface of the device that allows to enlarge the icons and create different functions’ shortcuts to make calls easily.

If your parents and grandparents struggle to see the home screen you can install the app for their convenience mobile use. Generally, it has a dark theme that gives a smoother feeling to using the device. If you install more apps and tools on your device thre is a chance to disorganize.

But, Simple App Launcher application helps to avoid the disorganization of device's functional apps.

Features of Simple App Launcher

  • Create a classification of the contacts as friends & family to find quickly that lead to making direct calls. No need for extra effort  to search for your favorite
  • Developed for those who frequently use glasses to look at their mobile screen
  • Set a direct button to make emergency calls from your selected contacts
  • Produce a very friendly user interface. Personalize and configure according to tastes and needs
  • Adjust the widgets and customize the security features
  • Customize user interface style by using different colors, background colors, themes, and wallpapers
  • Having a dark and light theme to use
  • Uninstall unwanted system apps
  • Navigate the device and its applications very fast
  • Giving more privacy, stability, and security & safety
  • Finding different improved new icons
  • Finding no annoying advertisement
  • Sorting by ascending and descending order by A to Z alphabetic order
  • Finding bigger icons and text fonts that make it easier to view everything

This app permits you to create a custom app drawer where you can get your favorite apps. To make a custom app drawer, you need to open the app and tap on the plus sign to include any app in the drawer. You find simple access in your drawer to locate and open your most used or favorite apps.

As a result, you do not need to consume much time to search and find your apps.

You do not fear the heavy burden after installing it. If you install Simple App Launcher latest version, it occupies low space from Android RAM. So, there is no chance to get slow your device. You can keep it on a low-end device. Besides, it is a 100% free app for Android smartphones.

There is no need to pay a single penny from your pocket. The latest Simple App Launcher APK is a very useful app who want to get an organized device. You can use every function, app, and tool very effective and efficient way. So, you can install the app to your advantage.

Simple App Launcher
Simple Mobile Tools

7.43 MB

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