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Shadowgun Legends


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Description of Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends APK is an amazing first-person shooter online video game designed for Android users. It was developed and published by Madfinger Games. In 2018, this game was released for smartphone users. It is one of the best installments of the Shadowgun series.

The interesting matter is that the latest Shadowgun Legends game is 100% free for you. You can download and install the APK file from this AndroidHD website completely free. You do not need to spend a single penny from your pocket.

Gameplay of Shadowgun Legends

This game covers 200 campaign’s missions such as Elimination, Dungeons, Story campaign, Side Quest, Operations, Arenas, Duel, Ascendancy, and so on. It includes role-playing and MMO components. The game starts by creating Shadowgun. It also creates a group of males and females.

Players tend to move to the Shadowgun base that is called HUB. The Shadowgun Legends game has different missions such as in-game bar, multiplayer, shops, and casino. One mission completed leads to opening another mission. Each mission completion gives points and helps to further progress.

Several characters Shadowgun Legends lead the game to continue such as,

Slade - Main chracters and current leader who lead story mission and get reward.

Pedro - selling cosmetic items such as helmets, tombstones, paint cans, stickers, and emotes. Providing players the Side Quest.

Willow - Supplying weapons and cosmetics. Giving Side Quest.

Big Red - Supplying armors and cosmetics. Offering Side Quest.

Hakim - Offering sponsor contact. Receiving game currency.

S.A.R.A - In-charge of in-game bar.

Nitro - Vendor of multiplayer allowing to access PvP & PvE mission.

Feature of Shadowgun Legends

  • 2 Modes - Singleplayer & Multiplayer
  • Genre -  First-person shooter and online role-playing game
  • Having Colobartive and competitive mode to defend against aliens invasion
  • Frenetic and exciting game
  • 3D graphics, animation, and effects
  • Customize the weapons based on soldier or character
  • Having the option to chat with other players to communicate during the game playing

Shadowgun Legends APK is safe and secure for Android smartphone users. It does not have any element that affects your device. This game does not contain viruses, malware, or threat. Besides, it updates regularly to fix the bugs that help to clean the game.


So, you can play the Shadowgun Legends latest game and run the device smoothly. In the end, Shadowgun Legends is so exciting and entertaining game. So, game lovers choose it frequently to pass their free and idle time.

Shadowgun Legends

1.24 GB

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