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Description of Sarahah

Sarahah APK is a fantastic social app for chatting with people. It is primarily based in Saudi Arabia, but serves worldwide. This application is very popular and currently 95 million registered people use it regularly.

A large number of users are in the US, although this app is from Saudi Arabia. In addition, this application is frequently used by a huge number of people in Canada, Lebanon and India. Interestingly, the Sarahah app is free for users. You don't need to pay to install and run.

People are wary of an unsafe app as it harms their Android. In this case, you are confident that there are no unsafe elements or components in the Sarahah app that affect your device. It is 100% safe and reliable, which reduces your hassle and creates a great user experience.

The latest Sarahah app is 100% legal. All the necessary rules and regulations have been followed to customize the application. However, it breaks anything that poses a threat to your device. So, without hesitation, you can install the app for better communication.

This social app is lightweight. It doesn't take up much space on your device's memory. As a result, it doesn't slow down your device. You will find a new, fast and easy to use application.

Saraha's trait

  • The ability to send anonymous messages. Thus, no one can identify you after the exchange of messages.
  • Supports 13 languages ​​such as English, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish, Hindi, Italian, Indonesian, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese and Malay
  • Registration is optional, but a valid email address is required for feedback.
  • Send riots to any random person if you want
  • This is the favorite app for teenagers.
  • This app is for honesty. If someone is bullying others, they are automatically blocked in the app.
  • Update regularly to fix bugs in the app, to keep it clean and user-friendly for Android users.
  • Ability to create your own personal feedback url
  • A strong privacy policy helps protect your data and information. No one can access your important information
  • Convenient interface. Thus, anyone with poor technical knowledge can use this application very effectively and efficiently.

In short, Sarahah APK is an impressive platform for Android users. You will never get bored with the application. Your communication will become interesting and pleasant if you use this application. So, every day the attractiveness of this application increases markedly.


13.47 MB

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