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Samsung Health

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Description of Samsung Health

Samsung Health APK is a free application that is developed by Samsung to see various aspects of daily life. Basically, it is a fabulous app that monitors and tracks your physical activities. This app helps you to get more aware of health and lead a healthy and hearty life.

It is so useful that provides information about a person such as age name, weight, daily activities, and so on. Samsung Health app track activities such as run, walk, step, heart rate, stress level, blood pressure and glucose, sleeping hours, and so on.

This app is very secure and safe that never open your private data to all. It is an encrypted app that protects your information and data safe and secure. Besides, Samsung Health application does not carry any harmful elements and components that damage your device.

The latest Samsung Health followed legal procedures to set up the app. You do not think about the legal and illegal issues as it solved these issues before coming into the market. So, you never face any hassle whenever you install and run the app.

Important features of the Samsung Health

  • Count how many calories you burn, monitor your diet, and track how many activities you perform for your good health
  • Giving information about what you eat and show the status of daily food habits. So, you can take measures if you face any health-related problems. Overall, provides meaningful data and information to make a decision on health
  • Identify how many hours you sleep and measure the stress level you belong to
  • Finding various exercise advice to follow
  • Get Status of weight loss, muscle condition,
  • Support 70 languages such as Chinese, English, French
  • For using the app, you must put your name, gender, height, weight, level of activity
  • Control blood pressure, sugar level, weight, and stress
  • Wonderful user interface and layout
  • Fixing bugs by updating. As a result, you find an improved app that is fast, and fresh to navigate
  • Grow habit of physical activity. So, people can get fit physically and mentally
  • Provide a weekly summary of the activity’s records

In a nutshell, People are busy with their jobs and business. They cannot give the effort to engage in physical activities. Samsung Health APK is a very handy app that encourages you to keep tracking and recording your regular activities. So, day by day more people tend to install it for their benefit.

Samsung Health
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

123 MB

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