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RTL Nederland B.V.

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Description of RTL Nieuws

Do you want to get aware of what is happening in the world in real time?

If yes, you can install RTL Nieuws APK now. This is an amazing news application based on Nederland where you get current articles, videos, and stories. It is mainly full of the written content of the Dutch language. Don’t worry, you can find the English version of it.

RTL Nieuws app displays the most important national and international news. Besides, you get different categories of information about sports, business, technologies, economy, entertainment, health & living, family, and so on. Generally, you see the sort version of the story.

But, after clicking on the article, the extended version of the story gets loaded extended version just looks like the newspaper. Before going extended version, you can browse your eyes on the headline to perceive whether this issue is needed or not.

In this case, if you feel it is necessary for others you can share different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. There is an opinion section of this platform where you find experts of different sectors expressing their opinion. So, you get a clear idea about any issue.

Every news is divided section-wise. So, you do not face any problem getting your favorite news and views. The amazing fact is that you can shop for some selected products from this RTL Nieuws application as it has an online or e-commerce shopping portal.

Essential Features of RTL Nieuws

  • Sleek news portal layout
  • Enable push notification
  • Available updated news
  • Customize your interest
  • Weather status of the location
  • Appearance or interface is well-organized that leading to finding any news very quickly

The categories cover the app such as lifestyle, technology, education, entertainment, weather, and sports. It has a broadcasting section where users can see many news video content to watch.


  • On weekdays, having a telecast at 6.30 am, 7, am, and 9 am bulletin.
  • Hourly daytime 15 minutes bulletin from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
  • Seven days a week, the evening bulletin is broadcast at 6 pm and 20 minutes program at 7.30 pm as well as 10 minutes late night bulletin

Just In Section

Whatever news publish instantly you get this in this section. It covers all categories and genres. You just crawl below to see more.

Top Videos Section

These videos show the incidents that happen all over the world. So, you remain informed about the world situation by watching the videos.

The interesting matter is that you do not need to pay a single penny from your pocket to install the RTL Nieuws app. So, you do not get concerned about financial issues. It is a small size application that occupies a small place in your memory. So, the operational or navigational speeds do not get slow.

In brief, RTL Nieuws APK is full of different categories of news and views. It includes not only written content but also video content. So, it is so useful app to read and watch the news at the same time.

RTL Nieuws
RTL Nederland B.V.

27.04 MB

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