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Rope Arrow

Upperpik Games

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Description of Rope Arrow

Rope Arrow APK is an entertaining video game published by the Upperpic Games. It is a first-person action game including RPG elements. Players subdue their enemies with might and magic. Players can fight and encounter different monsters, wizards, and giants.

In one go, you need to shoot your arrows to eliminate your enemies in this Rope Arrow game.

Its every level you find thrill and entertainment. You need to be active and cautious to protect yourself from your enemies. This is because, at a different level, the enemy's speed of attack is increased. So, you need to keep focused to kill your foes before the destruction of your areas.

Features of Rope Arrow

Rope Arrow latest version is a wonderful game for game lovers it is unique from other games as it has plenty of features that make the game remarkable. Let’s see some features below.

  • Defeat the crowds using long arrow and protect your base
  • Upgrade the bow and arrow to increase the power range
  • Frenetic casual and super fun game
  • Having 3D graphics
  • Reuse arrows over and over to wipe out the enemies
  • Play online and offline
  • Many invading troops
  • Choose weapons to defend the city from siege
  • Arrow ties with the rope to string. Rope gets the arrow long.  So, it can reuse again and again

Rope Arrow game has several levels. You need to kill the enemies by targeting the arrow that invades the area and wins the level to go next level. The first level enemies' color is green and black. In the second level, you just tap to start the level. Here, you find the yellow color enemies.

Some enemies come with a sword and shield. After winning, find 3rd level and get some quick-moving red enemies with black shields and swords. So, it needs to target the arrow quickly to eradicate these enemies. If you do not obstruct foes they destroy your areas with their weapons.

Similarly, you find several levels to overcome to win the entire game.

The latest Rope Arrow game is comparatively a lightweight game. If you install the game it occupies low memory space. As a consequence, you can store it on a low-end Android phone. due to low space occupation, your device does not get a heavy burden.

So, you do not lose the device's operational and navigational speed. It is a 100% free for Android users. if you install APK's latest version from this website you need not pay money from your bank account or credit card. So, there is no issue regarding the financial issue.

Rope Arrow APK is a risk-free and protected game. If you install the game you never lose your valuable data from your Android saved store. Now and then, this game updates and upgrades itself automatically. No harmful elements are found yet that affect your device severely.

After attacking dangerous elements, the game cleans everything and manages to run smoothly. It is a very entertaining game for game lovers. You never get bored if you play the game frequently. So, without thinking twice, you can install the game and play it to pass quality free time.

Rope Arrow
Upperpik Games

69.53 MB

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