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Description of Robbery Bob

Robbery Bob APK is a wonderful online video game series for Android smartphone users. It is an adventure arcade game developed and published by Level Eight AB and Chillingo & Deca Games respectively in 2012. Here, the plot of the game revolves around a house robbery.

It has entertaining and funny animation and graphics.

Gameplay of Robbery Bob

Bob is a thief who robs various houses. He intends to perform his job without getting caught by the owner of the house. Bob takes every effort to escape from the house tackling all obstacles. At different levels, you find different barriers.

If you overcome those obstacles, you will get points to strengthen your position in the Robbery Bob game. the game has 10 chapters, and each chapter includes 15 levels with an introduction. So, you have to pass 150 levels to complete the game overall.

It is a fun and adventure game first, it puzzles the gatekeeper or guards, dogs, and other enemies to enter the house. And then, Robbers get into and come out of the luxurious villas and houses to loot things such as Jewelry, secret documents, clothes, TV, Remote, and many small and big materials.

There are several characters in this game with whom you meet at different levels of the game to sustain your Robbery Bob game. the main characters are Bob, Biff, Civilian, Dog, Security Guard, Old Lady, Scientist, and Sam.

There are millions of games on the market. Among all, the latest Robbery Bob is unique for android users’ game lovers. The interesting matter is that it is a 100% free game. you do not need to pay a single dollar from your pocket. Besides, it updates regularly to keep clean the game by fixing the bloatware or bugs. In addition, it is a safe and secure game for android users.

There is no virus, malware, or threat that harms your device. Moreover, it is a 100% legitimate game for android smartphone users. There is no evidence found that it breached any legal rules and regulations. It is never entangled in any illegal issues that create a problem for game lovers.

So, without thinking twice, you can download or install the game for your entertainment.

In a nutshell, Robbery Bob APK is a fantastic game overall. You never get bored, and it helps game lovers to mitigate the stress by playing the game. As a result, this game gets popular all over the world.

Robbery Bob

60.39 MB

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