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Description of ReVanced

ReVanced APK is the modified or customized version of YouTube that offers all the features that were included in the app and some additional modes including Revanced Music and ReVanced TikTok. This app provides the best browsing experience of all the modded versions of the YouTube app.

Though the latest ReVanced app is free, but it provides all the premium features to its users.

Users will get a lot of amazing features that includes AMOLED themes, MicroG support, Force VP9 Codec option, etc. One of the most interesting features that mostly attract users is about playing videos in the background and adjusting the minimized app screen anywhere on their device’s home screen.

Also, UI is too clean to use by anyone. Since the Vanced app is no longer available, the ReVanced application is considered a power-pack replacement of it and is widely used around the world. It is the best alternative app that can be the first choice for users to choose for streaming videos.

Features of ReVanced Application

  • This app can be used in both root and non-root devices
  • It is completely ad-free that will help users to watch the content without getting interrupted by any kind of advertisements
  • Users can not only watch videos by using the ReVanced latest version but also browse other apps at the same time. In fact, they can adjust the floating screen of the app anywhere on the home screen of the device.
  • Meanwhile, it can be completely minimized to browse other apps comfortably and it will allow you to listen only to the audio version of the content
  • One of the most interesting features of this app is that it provides a custom-branding option which is all about open-source customization. Users can not only change the interface but also create a new platform according to their preferences and they can also remove the launcher icon of the app and set a new name to their choices
  • Moreover, it will allow you to hide the creator’s watermark by which you can be able to watch any videos without branding or overlaying the logo
  • Users have the access to disable the video description and comments panel in the fullscreen view. This feature will allow users to see videos without getting interrupted by any panel features or settings that are popping up in the middle of the video
  • Furthermore, you can skip annoying sponsor advertisements along with the other notifications, for example, intros, outros, reminders to like and subscribe, etc
  • By using this app, you can also check the number of dislikes and know the public’s opinion or reaction to the videos
  • To provide an optimum streaming experience, it will automatically enable the auto-brightness mode that is supported by your device for the high-dynamic range videos
  • You can change the brightness and volume during fullscreen playback by just swiping up or down on each side of the screen instead of doing it manually
  • It offers playback speed customization which will allow you to change the default speed and set it according to your preference
  • This app allows users to disable the shorts video option to save time

How To Download ReVanced Application

  1. To download ReVanced APK now, first, click on the download button that is already provided on this site twice.
  2. Once you have completed downloading, you now must have to download the MicroG to install the app to sign in to your Gmail account with the app.
  3. You will find an install option while you tap on the MicroG file. Tap on the install and done button.
  4. Now, you have to go to the downloads and click on the file.
  5. Tap on the install.
  6. Tap on the install button displayed on your screen.
  7. Click on the app to open it you are ready to enjoy streaming the app.


ReVanced APK is one of the simplest and most useful apps for Android users. It provides all the premium features for those who want an alternative option to YouTube for Android. Though it is a free app, it comes with all the premium functionalities.

And it is also compatible with all kinds of Android devices including rooted and non-rooted devices.


154 MB

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