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Description of Quizlet

Do you search for a recognized digital study tool?

If yes, you can install the Quizlet APK. It is a very useful education tool for enthusiastic readers and learners. It is invented as a studying tool to help in the memorization of classes. Its basic services are Digital Flashcards, Practice Electronics Assessments, Live Quizzes, and Matching Games.

The latest Quizlet application has a Live option where you find a real-time online matching game. It gives you the option to complete 12 questions answer correctly without an incorrect answer.

Historical Background

It is established by Andrew Sutherland in October 2005 and opened for the public in 2007. Presently, its headquarter is in San Fransico, California, USA. Now, it serves 130 countries all over the world. Now, 2 out of 3 the students of American high school students use the Quizlet app.

So, it is not only a very famous application in America but also worldwide.

Presently, Quizlet latest version is available in different 18 languages Chinese, English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Indonesian, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Turkish, and, so on.

Variety of modes and games of Quizlet.

  1. Flashcards – it is similar to a paper flashcard. In each term, users are shown a card. They can flip over by clicking arrow keys or space bar. Users find the card as an image, word or both
  2. Learn – users give answers to the flashcard, written question, and, multiple-choice in this mode.
  3. Write – users are shown definitions and terms. If you enter the answer it helps to get the correct answer that allows you to count the correct and find automatic grading.
  4. Spell – here, users read out loudly what they spell it gets typed. This game is called speller. If users answer correctly they are provided a video as a reward. 
  5. Match – users present a grid of scattered terms. After that, users drag the terms on top of the linked definitions to delete them from the grid and clear the grid.   
  6. Gravity – scroll vertically down the screen. Here, you find the definatioon at the bottom. You find an asteroid shape game. An asteroid is red. The game is over if users miss the asteroids twice.
  7. Live – Quizlet splits the class into teams and plays games individually. Each team selects the correct term or definition to win. Here, users choose flashcards and put them into a format that works for running the game.

Important Features of Quizlet

  • 500 million user-generated flashcards sets
  • More than 70 million users
  • Students get higher grades who use this tool to study
  • Step by step explanation to solve the problem
  • All lessons are written by expert
  • 64 subjects solution
  • Well designed app that saves your time to complete the lesson
  • Share flashcards with the classmates and friends
  • Learn science, history, coding, math, and so on
  • Update regularly to add new content

In a nutshell, you never feel hesitation to install it as it is a very handy tool for students who are enthused to learn spontaneously. So, you consider the Quizlet APK the best study app for its greater convenience.

Quizlet Inc.

35.82 MB

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