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Description of QalbyApp

Are you an Islamic-minded person and searching for an Islamic lifestyle application?

If yes, install QalbyApp APK now. It is an Islamic content-based app for Android. It provides trusted education and lifestyle content based on Quran and Sunnah. This app is amazing that ignites your heart and mind with the light of iman. It is designed and developed for the Muslim lifestyle.

QalbyApp app gives you updated content and materials on Islamic education and life.

So, users can inculcate the real essence of Islamic knowledge and mold their life as such.

People want to find peace in religion. Millions of religions are available in the world. Islam is one of the most prominent ones that preach the word of peace. The latest QalbyApp application is one of the most famous apps that contain verified content. So, the app gains popularity all over the globe.

The QalbyApp platform creates innovative and encouraging content for Muslims to change their life. The application provides several things such as an Ilm class finder, an e-journal with Ilm notes and reflection, prayer times, Dua and adhkar, al Quaran, Qibla, a gratitude journal, and so on.

The app is so user-friendly that allows users to get access Islamic materials without hassle. Whatever content you find you can share it with your friends through social media networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, Messenger, and so on.

The vision of the QalbyApp latest version is to spread Quran and sunnah worldwide. The main goal is to display everyday Islamic knowledge. The tagline or slogan is Ignite your heart with the Iman. The main source of information is Quran and Hadith. The main aim is to increase Ilm and Ibadah.

Overall, by using this app, you can build up an interactive community.

The app gives you to listen, read, recite, and memorize Quran.

If you want to change the language you can do it. This is because it supports many languages. So, you understand the content easily. To change the language, you need to go to the app and click on the more option and then tap on the setting after that select language from the list of languages.

If you want to use this QalbyApp app, you need to open an account and create a profile by adding a short description and profile picture. To perform it, you need to go to the more option and then the setting. Finally, you click on the profile setting and choose the profile picture.

If you want to change anything you can do it anytime by editing your profile. The interesting fact is that you can enable the push notification option. Whenever anything new is posted you can get the notification and you see it immediately.

In a nutshell, the updated version of the QalbyApp APK is so useful application for the Muslim community in the world. People who cannot carry the physical materials can trust and depend on the app as everything is available here.

Eternal Rewards Sdn. Bhd.

96.33 MB

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