Puzzle Grid

Iain Findlay

17.96 MB


Description of Puzzle Grid

Puzzle Grid APK is a feature-rich and high-quality drawing app for three types of puzzle grids. It is one of the most popular grid drawing apps for the Android platform around the world. It has a very simple and easy-to-use interface that is easily understandable by the users.

The latest Puzzle Grid application is an open-source and free app as well for which you don’t need to pay at all rather you will experience the best features with it. There isn’t any advertisement popping up while you are using it and you can use it anytime.

Features of Puzzle Grid App

  • There are three types of puzzle grids in the app that are Crossword, Sudoku, and Battleship
  • You can draw grids according to your preference or with any rectangular dimensions
  • You can use common symmetries so that you can quickly draw the grids
  • It allows you to load clues into the app as an image
  • When you draw grids for Sudoku and Battleship, you can undo your actions
  • In the case of Crossword grids, you are allowed to highlight clues in the image to see them beside the grids
  • You can also automatically check the repeated numbers in the Sudoku grids
  • There is a ghost mode in both the Sudoku grids and Battleship grids by which you can test the solutions even if you are not overwriting those cells you are sure about
  • You can also keep track of the length of the boats and the segments in each line for the Battleship grids
  • With this app, you can save and load those grids that are not completely filled and come back again to fill them
  • There is an autosave option that allows you to store the grids

How To Use Puzzle Grid App

  1. Firstly, you have to download Puzzle Grid APK from here right now.
  2. Secondly, enable the allow installation from the unknown source option and then install it on your Android device.
  3. Then launch the app on your device and click on the open button.
  4. After opening it, you will find the three puzzles on the screen of your device as all the grids have identical save or load screens.
  5. Click on any of the puzzle types to start. Click on Battleships and you can see the puzzle board where you will find five options that are Grid, Save/Load, Add Boat, Reset Grid (Hold), and Fill Grid.
  6. From the save/load option, you can turn on the Auto-save/load option.
  7. To fill the grids, click on the fill grid option and you will get two colors which are blue and black to fill the grid.
  8. You can also edit the grids from the fill grid option.
  9. If you hold the Clear Grid button, it will remove all of the boat/water squares from the grid screen.
  10. On the Crossword puzzle, you will find an additional option which is clues. Click on the clues option and you will get the clue image and clue file to fill the puzzles.

By following these steps, you can easily use this beautiful app to draw grids very smoothly and effectively.


In conclusion, Puzzle Grid APK is a very important app as it makes life easier for users. They don’t need to use pen and paper to write these selected kinds of puzzle grids. With just a few taps, they can be able to draw and fill the puzzle on their Android devices.

And also, it is a completely safe and privacy-protected app, so you don’t need to worry about security at all. Just get it on your device and enjoy drawing grids.

Puzzle Grid
Iain Findlay

17.96 MB

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