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Description of Pure Writer

Do you search for an effective tool for your Android to take notes and edit?

If yes, you can choose Pure Writer APK now. It is an excellent text editor designed and developed for Android users. People get various resources so as to write notes and longer content anytime standing anywhere in the world. It has an amazing dark background that never bothers you.

Pure Writer app is very easy that if you want to type any text just click on the main page and start writing the text. Every resource performs marvelously to adapt your writing to your needs and wants. Academicians and researchers don’t have time to go to the library to study necessary books.

Everything gets digital. You can study and take notes digitally. You can read e-books and take notes in the text apps. In this case, it is a great app to write the idea whenever you need it. This app helps the users to note and edit the text effectively and quickly.

If the power becomes off or the device shutdown unexpectedly you do not lose the valuable text that you continue writing. Another aspect is that if you destroy it permanently nobody finds and extracts the content or text to use. So, it is a trustworthy and dependable app for Android users.

Features of Pure Writer Application

It has many exciting features and functions that make it remarkable. So, let’s see below to get a brief idea about the app.

  • Having a wonderful minimalist user interface
  • Having different themes, colors, background colors, and wallpapers that allow changing the appearance of the app
  • Modify or customize the space of the page and adjust space for different lines and paragraphs and fonts
  • Easy to note and write down
  • Automatically save content. No chance to lose anything
  • The text keeps clear and clean to read comfortably
  • Having a markdown option to mark and highlight important para
  • Write and communicate in real-time with the team or group members
  • Save the different files in a different name. If it is required you can search and find the documents quickly and easily
  • Supporting Undo and Redo
  • Remain in a trash folder if you delete any file unconsciously and accidentally. You can recover your file at any time from the trash or history
  • Having cloud backup
  • Within 2 seconds save everything. If anything does not save the app notifies the problem. So, you can take measures to solve the problem
  • Share the content to other apps
  • Smoothly scrolling down and swiping as it has a soft keyboard to write and edit

Pure Writer app is 100% secure as all data and information are encrypted.

So, no unwanted hackers get access to the information to leak. The interesting matter is that it is a free app. You do not need to pay a single penny from your credit card. Besides, it is a safe tool that updates regularly to fix dangerous elements such as bugs and malware.

Pure Writer APK is an overall fantastic application for a writer and idea generator.

It gives the users the best writing experience.

Pure Writer

23.67 MB

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