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Description of Prank Dial

Prank Dial APK is a fantastic prank call service that helps you to make fun with others by sending pre-recorded hilarious pranks. Friends call friends from a secret and disguised number to make fool and get the reaction of them. It is a very funny, laughing, and entertaining act.

As a result, this Prank Dial app is very popular all over the world for its enjoyable features. You do not need to purchase this app. It is 100% free for Android users. This service is designed to make fun and humorous. It is not to create any harassment for others.

It is a legal application to make a prank call. It does not breach any legal issue still. Following international rules and regulations, it came to the market. So, users do not need to tackle any unwanted situation. Besides, Prank Dial application is a safe.

All safety, security, and privacy policy had been maintained in due diligence. Your data and information never get out of your control. In addition, the size of this app is very small. It occupies lower space from your memory. So, speed and smoothness are not damaged whenever you operate and navigate the app.

So, you do not feel worried about the above mentioning issues.

Important Features of Prank Dial

There are several strong competitors in the market. But, among all of them, Prank Dial application creates a distinctive position by providing some special features and functions. Let’s see what the features of this app are,

  • Sending practical jokes that entertain the people
  • Users can save the calls history
  • Allow 3 prank calls each day
  • This app generated 200 million prank calls and lough unlimited
  • All audios available in English
  • 150+ prank calls to choose
  • Having the option to share the app with the friends
  • User-friendly interface. A very tech-inefficient person can operate the app very effectively as it is easy and simple.
  • Update on a regular basis to fix the unnecessary bugs. So, the app remains fresh and quick

Follow steps that help to generate Prank Calls,

First Step: Select call from the Input section or field.

Second Step: Verify and justify Caller ID.

Third Step: Enter the phone number where you want to make a prank call.

Fourth Step: Now, get a validation code from the Prank Dial APK.

Fifth Step: Finally, put validation code to produce the Prank call.

In a nutshell, Prank Dial APK is a fabulous app for fun lovers. People love it globally for different communication ideas. So, day by day it is appealing to Android users.

Prank Dial

17.82 MB

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