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Description of PowerUp

PowerUp APK is a wonderful kit that allows you to control paper planes with the Android.

Paper planes spin, roll, and fly vertically. You use 2 methods to fly your PowerUp paper plane. 1. In gamepad mode i.e. old-school joystick 2. Gesture control i.e. simply maneuver the mobile and plane to follow the movements. There is no need to become an experienced drone flyer.

The amazing fact is that you can record, stream, and capture images by using the PowerUp paper plane. You can use different materials to make Planes such as Paper, Balsa Wood, Cardboard, and Foam Board.

The interesting matter is that you can find it paid and free.

If you install it from this website you need not pay a single penny from your pocket. So, don’t get tense about the financial issue. Besides, due to the lightweight app, it occupies a small space in the Android memory. There is no chance to lose the operational speed of your device.

Key Features PowerUp

It is a handy application for its unique features and functions. So, let’s see below some of them.

  • Add propeller and stabilizer to fly
  • Become a fighter pilot by using your paper plane
  • Intuitive control system to have fun and entertainment
  • Use Bluetooth that helps to control the paper plane easily and effectively
  • Easy user interface that is compatible with the all-ages people
  • Having autopilot and Gyro Stabilizer
  • 10 minutes flying a single charge and 25-kilometer speed it gains
  • Having lop, barrel roll, and hammerhead
  • Possibility to double the power
  • Having flight telemetry and stats that helps to show real-time analytics
  • Includes heading direction, thrust level, and turning angles,
  • Optimize every flight by using your mobile phone as you want
  • Safe, secure, and legal app as it followed all related procedures before coming into the market

How To Make A Paper Plane Controlled By Android Smartphone

  1. Take a colorful paper and prepare it like an airplane.
  2. Attach a module to the plane.
  3. Create a control by your mobile phone.

This app helps the paper plane a new kind of toy for the kids.

People get a great virtual reality experience by using this digital kit. PowerUp app kit is overall an amazing thing for the people that can be a creative element or component. You can find a hand in the experience of a new kind of drone by making it in your own way.

By flying it in the sky, you get an impressive flight speed.

Using PowerUp, you can do several things such as,

  • Easier Acrobatics – mastering surprising tricks with ease
  • Wind stabilizer – fly in windy conditions
  • Launch assistance – if you launch badly you can easily recover and fly smoothly
  • Auto stabilizer – in the case of lopsided flying it flyes remarkably

In a nutshell, It is time for entertainment and it is time to fly in the sky if you install the PowerUp APK on your Android smartphone now. It is an innovative thing in modern science and technology. So, people choose the app for their convenience.

Shai Goitein

172 MB

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