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Pokémon GO

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Description of Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is an excellent augmented reality mobile game. It gives you a real-life adventure experience. Worldwide it is very popular for game lovers. Basically, this game gives you a real-time adventure taste. The surprising matter is that Pokémon GO is completely a free game for smartphone users.

Pokémon GO game is developed and published by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and Pokémon Company. The game is one of the best all over the world. It is very safe and secure to play with your android. Pokémon GO does not carry any malware that harms your device. Besides that, it followed all international procedures to set up the game. So, there are no illegal issues related to the game.

Features of the Pokémon GO game,

  • Augmented reality and location-based game
  • Create your game profile with avatar and image
  • Train Pokémon in a gymnasium
  • Mix with real-world and virtual world
  • Action and adventure game 
  • Join a team and battle

Gameplay of Pokémon GO:

First game lovers create a game account, players and their own avatar. After the creation of the avatar that displayed a map based on the player's geographical location. After that features include in the map i.e. PokéStops and Pokémon Gym.

PokéStops is equipped with Lure Modules that attract additional wild and occasionally Pokémon and rare. Pokémon gyms lead to serve as fight location for the team-based king of the hill matches. Avatar moves within the map to continue the game. Pokémon species live in different areas of the world.

Above all the game is very exciting for it’s wonderful gameplay. So, you can play Pokémon GO game.

Pokémon GO
Niantic, Inc.

119 MB

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