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Description of Pixlr

Pixlr APK is a photo editor tool to make and share attractive and creative images. You find every useful tool to reshape your pictures professionally. This app is AutoDesk software that provides you with a huge number of features, functions, and tools to filter and retouch the picture.

So, you can fine-tune your picture in an eye-catchy way for the viewers.

People love to capture and share their moments by snaping their.

At present, image is very popular content all over the world. It helps you to express your mind and reach huge people quickly. People like the image as it assists you to understand anything very quickly. But, people do not like raw or casual photos or images.

Generally, whenever you take any picture, it contains a lot of unwanted elements or components.

As a consequence, pictures do not look fine. So, the question comes to the fore how is a picture possible to polish. There is a lot of software in the market. Today, an initiative is taken to show a brief idea about an amazing image editing app that’s name is Pixlr app.

It is 100% free for Android app for users. You do not need to make payment a single cent from your credit card. Besides, it is a light-sized app for your device that occupies small space and low data from mobile RAM. If you download the Pixlr application on your device it never gets burdened.

Therefore, you do not lose the speed of your mobile device.

Important Features of Pixlr

  • Having available more than 2 million image effects, overlays, and filters
  • Create collages by using various backgrounds, spacing, and, layouts options
  • Resize and crop images quickly and easily
  • Ad-free tool  
  • No need to register and create an account. You just download and install and then run
  • Share editing photos through Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, email, and any other social network
  • Variety of preset such as grid style, customized ratio, and background
  • Having Auto-fix option to adjust your picture
  • Stylize the picture by using a pencil sketch, poster, and water-color
  • Easily remove blemish, red-eye,
  • Smoothen the skin and whiten the teeth
  • Using Focal Blur to color splash effect
  • Rotate picture whatever angle you need

Pixlr application is 100% safe for Android users. It does not contain unwanted elements or ingredients that harm your Android device. This is because this app upgrades to fix dangerous things such as viruses, malware, bugs, threats, and bloatware. Besides, it is a secure app completely.

If you install the app, you never lose your important and confidential data and information that is kept on your device. In addition, Pixlr latest version is a legitimate platform. It followed all rules, procedures, and regulations. No record is found yet that it entangles in any kind of illegal activities.

So, without feeling doubt, you can install and use Pixlr APK on your Android or iOS smartphone for your convenience. So, you do not get worried about the safety, security, and legality issue. Just install and enjoy its service.

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74.70 MB

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